New Single Telepack Solution for Flight Test Programs

Curtiss-Wright’s mTTS-100-1 can be used for demanding applications such as missile performance testing, launch vehicles, flight test instrumentation, and hypersonics By Abi Wylie / 30 Oct 2023
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Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions Division has launched the industry’s first airborne miniature multimode transmitter to provide flight test program engineers with a single telepack solution.

The new mTTS-100-1 can be used for for demanding applications such as missile performance testing, launch vehicles, flight test instrumentation (FTI), and hypersonics. 

It eliminates the integration and program risk associated with sourcing heterogeneous elements from multiple vendors. The mTTS-100-1 features a high-efficiency power amplifier solution that supports PCM/FM (from 128 kbps to 20 Mbps) and SOQPSK and Multi-H CPM (from 640 kbps to 40 Mbps). 

Because the ARTM and IRIG-106 compliant modulator and power amplifier is integrated into the mTTS-100-1, this embedded solution reduces interconnects lengths, minimizes EMI exposure, and simplifies wiring installation – all while reducing size, weight and power. 

When configured to support Miniature Airborne Telemetry System (MATS) applications, the transmitter’s encryption capability is ideally positioned for secure telemetry datalinks, eliminating the need for additional integration work to be performed by the flight test team. 

The transmitter’s primary connector is pre-wired to interface with the Curtiss-Wright MESP-100-1 encryption module set.

At ITC 2023, Curtiss-Wright will also present its “all-in-one” modular secure telemeter solution, the MATS-100 Miniature Airborne Telemetry System, which is configured with a data acquisition unit (DAU), encryption, transmitter, and a tracking transponder. 

The mTTS-100 transmitter module integrates into the MATS system, providing a single integrated solution ideal for reducing cost, schedule, and program risk for quick-reaction programs, which are so prevalent today.  

 The mTTS-100-1 features a modern mechanical design that uses the newer RF device technology (GaN) for high-temperature operation, without limiting RF performance when transmitting secure streaming telemetry. 

The mTTS-100-1 also has advanced thermal management and an output power of 5 Watts over the full S-band frequency range. It is field-configurable with single-point programming which makes telemetry configuration extremely flexible and quickly reactive to development challenges. 

The mTTS-100 is mechanically compatible with any single or dual Curtiss-Wright data acquisition stack and offers state-of-the-art modulation compatibility to IRIG-106. 

“The mTTS-100 multi-mode transmitter provides the highest power efficiency offered in the industry today,” said Brian Perry, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Division. “Even better, this fully integrated solution reduces cable complexity and delivers guaranteed mechanical and electrical compatibility, all while easing the implementation of data encryption to protect critical and valuable test data.” 

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