New High Thermal Integrated CCA Launched by nVent

nVent SCHROFF's new High Thermal Integrated Conduction Cooled Assembly (CCA) will be used in high performance/mission critical applications in military and aerospace systems By DA Staff / 20 May 2021
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nVent Electric plc has launched a new High Thermal Integrated Conduction Cooled Assembly (CCA) that cost effectively optimizes size, weight and power (SWaP) requirements in military and aerospace systems. 

Designed for rugged CCAs in VPX systems, the innovative design of the nVent SCHROFF High Thermal Integrated CCA removes a thermal interface to give up to 40% improved module thermal resistance. The design integrates nVent SCHROFF’s Calmark High Thermal Sawtooth Card-Lok design into the module frame. 

“For customers facing thermal challenges in their VPX systems, leveraging the new High Thermal Integrated CCA technology can help them avoid a major module redesign,” says Amy Escobio, nVent Global Marketing Director. “This is because the integrated CCA design is available as a drop-in replacement for traditional VITA conduction cooled modules.”

The High Thermal Integrated CCA meets the latest VITA standards, is designed for high performance/mission critical applications and offers 2nd level maintenance options. 

nVent offers downloadable CAD files and 3D printed prototyping for customers for fit checks. Customers can partner with the experienced nVent SCHROFF brand engineering team to solve thermal challenges before the first prototype is machined. Customers can simply provide their board layout and the engineers can design a thermally-efficient CCA design to meet the application.

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