Mobile Phone Geolocation Technology for CarteNav AIMS-ISR Software

The integration of Smith Myers ARTEMIS equipment with CarteNav’s AIMS-ISR Mission Management System enables operators to identify, locate and communicate with any target by their cellular device By DA Staff / 21 Jan 2022
CarteNav and Smith Myers
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CarteNav has integrated Smith Myers’ ARTEMIS Mobile Phone detection, location and communication sensor with CarteNav’s Advanced Integrated Multi-sensing Surveillance–Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (AIMS-ISR) mission software to enable operators to turn every tracked mobile phone into a geo-referenced cellular track. 

Smith Myers’ ARTEMIS range of equipment has been designed to accurately locate mobile telephones in challenging airborne environments. The system is designed to maximize the ability to detect a phone at extended ranges and to provide unique capabilities whilst minimizing crew workload. ARTEMIS is now fully integrated with AIMS-ISR to provide operators with cellular tracks geo-referenced on augmented reality moving maps alongside other equipped sensors such as active EO/IR track following.

“The CarteNav team is thrilled to announce the integration of the ARTEMIS cellular geolocation system with AIMS-ISR alongside Smith Myers. We’ve recently demonstrated the capability with great success, and now we’re excited to officially make it available to current and future AIMS-ISR operators,” said Deirdre Gallant, Vice President of Business Development at CarteNav. “The ARTEMIS capabilities are amazing and integrating that data with AIMS-ISR augmented reality moving maps makes it highly efficient to work with – leading to faster rescues when every second counts.”

“Working with CarteNav continues to be a great experience for everyone at Smith Myers. CarteNav intuitively understood the value in pulling ARTEMIS and AIMS ISR together,” said Andrew Munro, Company Director at Smith Myers. “Witnessing the EO/IR turret automatically lock onto the mobile phone’s location from 20km+ and automatically track the handset on the moving map and live camera feed leaves the viewer in no doubt as to the value of this integration. The bottom line is that this leads to more rapid positive outcomes while reducing operator workload. The results speak for themselves.”

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