MERT Electronic Attack System at IDEF 2023

The New Electronic Attack System of Turkish Armed Forces, MERT by Meteksan Defence, is being exhibited at IDEF 2023 in Turkey By Sarah Simpson / 25 Jul 2023
MERT Electronic Attack System at IDEF 2023
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Within the scope of the Portable Electronic Attack System (MERT / MERTER) Project signed between the Türkiye Defence Industry Agency and Meteksan Defence at IDEF 2019, the MERT Electronic Attack System, designed and produced entirely with national capabilities, will be exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2023.

The MERT Electronic Attack System was designed and developed as an Electronic Attack (EA) system that will be used to intercept the communication of target elements from a long distance, with new generation smart techniques in the entire frequency band it covers. Developed to meet different operational needs, the system can be used in a fixed configuration such as a mast, or integrated onto a vehicle.

While the system performs directed electronic attack activities with its omni-directional and high-gain directional antennas, it can also be controlled via a smart tablet or computer. Provisions have also been developed for optional remote control of the system.

Erdal TORUN, Vice-President of Meteksan Defence, emphasized that MERT, which was developed by taking into account user feedback and innovative technologies, is very important in terms of demonstrating the level Meteksan Defence has reached in the field of electronic warfare: “With its wide frequency coverage and new generation techniques, the MERT System will be an important factor in the formation of an innovative perspective in the field of electronic warfare, and is designed to neutralize different targets simultaneously at high distances. We are very proud to bring the MERT Electronic Attack System to our security forces with its indigenous design, software and hardware developed with the latest technology in mind.”

Meteksan Defence will be at Salon 7 | 722A at IDEF 2023 Exhibition, being held between 25-28 July 2023 in Turkey.

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