INVISIO Unveils AI-Enhanced X7 Headset

INVISIO's X7 in-ear headset offers an ergonomic design and soft materials, an Integrated Voice Pick-up Sensor (VPU), 360-degree auditory situational awareness, and hearing protection of 36dB SNR/32 dB NRR By Joseph Macey / 30 Jan 2024
INVISIO Unveils X7 Headset
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INVISIO has introduced its new generation of tactical in-ear headsets – the new AI-enhanced X7. 

Offering a whole new level of comfort, ease of use and hearing protection as well as unparalleled natural situational awareness, the X7 is expected to set a new industry benchmark for in-ear headsets in the most demanding environments.

The X7 has been developed using extensive feedback from in-field user experiences to create a range of new features, including an ergonomic design perfected to fit the ear, soft materials to ensure comfort for prolonged usage, and the introduction of headset sleeves to protect from wear and tear and provide a more secure and comfortable fit.

With a headset weight of just 47 grams, the X7 minimizes the wearer’s load, delivering a compact and lightweight design that ensures minimal interference with eyewear or headgear, without compromising hearing protection, and simultaneously facilitating superior situational awareness. Its careful design not only provides improved comfort and ease of use, but also addresses common headset issues such as excessive heat, sweating, discomfort and interference.

The X7 has an integrated Voice Pick-up Sensor (VPU) which picks up vibrations from the inner ear and transforms them into speech without the need for a specific in-ear contact point. Its hear-through microphones are positioned within the external contours of the outer ear, utilizing the outer ear capability of detecting the origin of sounds and providing full 360-degree situational awareness.

The newest addition to the INVISIO range offers a solution for all users regardless of ear size and shape thanks to a choice of three different headset sleeves with ergonomically-shaped INVISIO EarWings™ as well as a choice of different ear tips including either foam tips, tri-flanged tips or the INVISIO CustomFit™ – custom-molded ear tips providing the ultimate personalization.

Connected to an INVISIO control unit, the X7 uses AI-powered audio enhancements to provide unparalleled communication and speech quality excluding unwanted noise, with different hear-through modes and digital signaling processing supporting automatic adjustment of received audio volume.

It provides certified, market leading and level-dependent hearing protection without compromising situational awareness, and can be combined with the INVISIO T7 over-the-ear headset to provide dual hearing protection for extremely noisy environments.

Like other in-ear headsets, the X7 is headwear-agnostic and will work with almost all tactical helmets, providing unrivaled flexibility and mission versatility, as well as working with gas masks and other respiratory systems without impeding communications. The small, unobtrusive design minimizes visibility, giving a tactical advantage in civilian scenarios and missions where other headsets can appear bulky and conspicuous, adding to the variety of use cases in which it can be deployed.

Submersible to 2 meters for 2 hours and MIL-STD-810H compliant, it is said to be the headset of choice for users operating in the most challenging of environments.

“The INVISIO X7 is a product of the latest technological advances combined with extensive feedback from use in the field to create a market-leading in-ear headset that sets a new standard for comfort, ease of use and flexibility for tactical users on the ground,” said Jonathan Wassberg, Product Manager Headsets at INVISIO.

The X7 takes the flexibility and ruggedness of previous in-ear headsets, along with innovative vibration technology and hear-through modes to offer clear communications that are vital in tactical environments along with hearing protection, flexibility and comfort.

According to Invisio, the latest developments mean this X7 in-ear headset sets a new professional standard, providing an invaluable asset for modern warfighters and a tactical edge for the most challenging tasks in the toughest environments.

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