Elbit Systems Purchases Reusable Mine Disposal ROVs from Seatronics

Seatronics’ Mine Identification and Detonation Solution (MIDS) is a multi-shot, configurable mine disposal solution that uses state-of-the-art technology to detonate multiple charges acoustically without sacrificing itself By DA Staff / 01 Dec 2022
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Seatronics, a brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics Division, has started the final installation and commissioning phase for the first sale of two Mine Identification and Detonation Solution (MIDS) Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) to Elbit Systems Ltd.

According to Seatronics, the MIDS is the first truly multi-shot, configurable mine disposal solution that can detonate multiple charges acoustically using state-of-the-art technology without having to sacrifice itself.

Elbit’s Seagull Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) has been specifically designed to host a variety of MIDS-related solutions, one of which being the Seatronics MIDS. 

The Seagull USV is an ideal host platform for remote deployment of the Seatronics MIDS ROV using a custom launch and recovery system. The MIDS ROV can be deployed from the Seagull in fully autonomous, semi-autonomous or supervised autonomy operational mode, or operated via satellite link from the mother ship or any other remote location.


Seatronics’ MIDS shares several design features with the company’s VALOR platform, but also includes a range of specific, leading-edge sensors, such as an advanced inertial navigation system and sonar and optics technologies, that are combined within an onboard object classification system that enables the MIDS to accurately detect and classify objects that may be threats. 

The target classification solution uses a variety of onboard sensory features that use AI/ML algorithms to determine whether to categorize seabed and floating items as potential mine or mine-like objects. This information is then passed to the command center, where the decision can be taken whether to neutralize or destroy the target.

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