Development of Binoculars & Monoscopes for Military Training System

Kopin has partnered with BlueHalo to provide simulated binoculars and monoscopes for Advanced Stinger Trainer (AST) systems, which provides teams with operational and tactical training in a variety of virtual environments against multiple air threats By William Mackenzie / 02 Apr 2024
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Kopin Corporation, a provider of application-specific optical solutions and high-performance micro-displays, has partnered with BlueHalo to design, develop, and produce advanced simulated binoculars and monoscope products.

Simulated Binoculars and Monoscopes Development Partnership

BlueHalo, providers of industry-leading capabilities in the domains of space, counter unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) and autonomous systems, Cyber, and AI/ML, are set to use Kopin’s products in its Advanced Stinger Trainer (AST) system. 

BlueHalo’s next-generation AST – a fully immersive Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) – provides Stinger teams with operational and tactical training in various virtual environments against multiple air threats.

Driven by a computer image generator, Kopin’s products will incorporate a positional/directional tracking sensor to provide a realistic simulation of the equivalent fielded products.

Kopin say that it will provide near eye-limiting resolution using its high-performance, high-resolution color organic light emitting diode (OLED) display. This will couple with Kopin’s custom viewing optics to provide outstanding visual performance.

Kopin say that both products will significantly increase performance over those currently available in similar systems. 

This initial collaboration is set to develop and field upgrades to multiple training installations, which Kopin say will support numerous armed forces over the next several years. 

BlueHalo has developed Stinger training facilities for the U.S. Army Air Defense School at Fort Sill, the North Dakota Army National Guard in Grand Forks, and the U.S. Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton and Cherry Point. 

In 2023, the Netherlands Ministry of Defense Materiel and IT Command contracted BlueHalo to develop and deliver an AST system at Lieutenant General Best Barracks in Vredepeel, Netherlands.

Bill Maffucci, Kopin’s Senior Vice President of Business Development and Strategy, stated; “These new simulated binoculars incorporate the very latest in Kopin’s display technology to facilitate highly realistic training for U.S. and NATO forces. We are pleased that Kopin is expanding with new partners like BlueHalo who has trusted Kopin with developing and producing these critical systems.

“Military training systems are experiencing a significant increase in demand as many of the world’s armed forces react to current world events, providing their personnel the opportunity to develop required operational skills through realistic virtual training while limiting costly and logistically complex live fire testing.”

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