$17.5M Series B Funding for Software-Defined Radar

NPS will use this investment, led by Cota Capital, to develop and apply its Atomic Sensing Platform to automotive radar technology, achieving disruptively high resolution, precision and reliability By Abi Wylie / 11 Mar 2024
$17.5M Series B Funding for Software-Defined Radar
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Neural Propulsion Systems (NPS) has secured a $17.5M Series B funding round to enhance roadway safety (benefiting pedestrians, drivers and all other traffic participants) and defense radar systems. 

NPS will use the investment to further develop and apply its award-winning Atomic Sensing Platform to automotive radar technology. The platform provides significantly enhanced, reliable radar resolution and groundbreaking precision. 

The NPS Atomic Sensing Platform for automotive market is powered by the patented Atomic Norm Tensor Processing Software to achieve disruptively high resolution, precision and reliability. NPS ANTP radar SW performance is based on a new mathematical framework, the Atomic Norm, that transforms how sensor data is processed and understood. 

AN Radar SW technology achieves radar performance that aims to solve industry-level challenges and opens the door for the future of ADAS, autonomous driving and next-generation aerospace and defense systems.

The improved performance stems from a new mathematical framework known as the Atomic Norm (AN), revolutionizing how the raw sensor data is processed into relevant information.

The NPS software-defined radar, SDR, achieves near maximum likelihood performance in detection — meaning, the NPS proprietary software achieves close to what is theoretically possible with existing radar sensors. This advancement in radar technology enables clearer and earlier detection.

The round is led by Cota Capital with contributions from GM Ventures, the venture capital arm of General Motors Co., and RTX Ventures, the venture capital arm of RTX.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) proposed rule changes in May 2023 aim to significantly reduce roadway fatalities by strengthening regulations around automatic emergency braking (AEB) and pedestrian AEB (PAEB). NPS’s technology is poised to further assist companies and suppliers in meeting these new standards, using less complex and more reliable sensors.

Dr. Behrooz Rezvani, Founder and CEO of NPS, said; “This investment confirms the value of our vision and technology. By harnessing the potential of our newly developed radar technology, we can potentially achieve performance enhancements that are over 10 times greater than current radar capabilities, putting us at the forefront of revolutionizing the $28 billion radar market. 

“Our radar software works with all radar hardware and significantly improves the performance of existing sensing platforms with lower cost and more efficiency.”

Bobby Yazdani, Founder and Partner of Cota Capital, added; “Behrooz and his team are achieving new benchmarks for advanced radar sensing technology. We recognize the significant impact NPS can have in the fields of mobility and defense systems, and our investment reflects Cota Capital’s commitment to ground-breaking innovation.”

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