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DA 30-HT Actuator High-torque 30mm brushless actuator
DA 30-HT Actuator

High-torque 30mm brushless actuator

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DA 30-HT Actuator

The DA 30 is a high-performance full brushless actuator designed specially for use in harsh environments. Featuring a contactless position sensing system, it is immune to wear, vibration and shock. The servo is enclosed in an IP67-rated saltwater‐resistant aluminum enclosure, and features an integrated sub‐D connector, which can be changed to a mil-spec circular connector or cable gland on request.

The DA 30 can be provided with a standard PWM input featuring a differential opto‐coupler and a single‐ended CMOS interface for programming, or with a differential RS‐422 PWM interface. An RS-485 digital interface is also available, allowing the unit to transmit diagnostic data such as supply voltage, current consumption, temperature, and optionally humidity.


Width 30mm
Supply Voltage Options (rated) 28 VDC
Rated Torque 18 Nm
Peak Torque 32 Nm
Interface PWM, RS-485