Military Power Solutions & Ballistic Helmet Systems

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Military Power Solutions & Ballistic Helmet Systems
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Galvion provides mission-critical head, face and torso protective solutions, helmets and armor, as well as innovative power supply and management solutions for military and tactical use.

Our products provide the highest levels of protection, functionality, durability and equipment compatability, with the capabilities, comfort and style required by the modern soldier. We offer purpose-built, reliable solutions that enhance the lethality and survivability of the modern warfighter and other demanding end-users.

Military Helmets and Head Systems

Batlskin is a range of lightweight, next-generation protective head systems, built with the complexity of modern-day operations in mind. The innovations that drive our protective solutions are fueled by a singular objective: to enhance survivability.

military helmets

Modern protection systems must be reliable and strong, but that isn’t enough anymore. Agility, mobility, flexibility and integration are paramount for soldiers and tactical personnel facing life-or-death scenarios. Galvion started a revolution with our polyethylene helmets—engineering ballistic head protection with lower weight and superior protective qualities, and we’ve been leading the industry ever since.

Batlskin helmets meet stringent quality standards and are designed to meet U.S. military specifications for ballistic threats, structural rigidity, blunt impact and fragmentation.

Caiman Military Helmet

Caiman Head Systems

The Batlskin Caiman head system is a streamlined, lightweight next-generation Special Operations helmet solution designed in collaboration with SOF operators. It offers maximum protection and performance with minimum bulk and weight.

Military Tactical HelmetViper Tactical Helmets

Batlskin Viper helmets are modular systems designed to meet the demands of tough tactical operations. Available in a variety of sizes, cuts and suspension/retention options, Viper helmets strike the ideal balance between reliable protection and exceptional value.

Soldier Power and Data Management Solutions

Forward-thinking Solutions for the Modern Battlefield

The modern soldier is a totally wired mobile network. Operations today depend on more charged equipment than ever before, and the complexity of sustaining soldiers on the battlefield expands and shifts with every new technology. Energy efficiency and mobility are essential, and understanding the Soldier as an integrated system will provide critical in-field advantage.

soldier power

Whether the mission requires an energy-dense, smart li-ion rechargeable battery, the ability to scavenge and manage power at the individual or squad level, bulk charging capabilities, data management or any combination thereof, Galvion is a one-stop-shop solutions provider. Our Nerv Centr active systems provide intelligent and scalable power and data solutions that enhance soldier agility, survivability and lethality.

Galvion Power Management

Soldier-Worn Power

Soldier-Worn Power and Data

Everything a JTAC Operator needs for extended power and data management

Our modular, interconnected ecosystem of ultra-compact components allow the operator to build a man-worn solution that is right for the mission. Whether powering radios, transmitting data or both, Nerv Centr soldier-worn power and data systems respond to the ever growing technology needs of the agile warfighter.

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Power Managers

Charge, scavenge and distribute power efficiently to soldier-worn and portable devices

By connecting mission-critical devices to the power manager, the squad can effectively run equipment off of alternative energy sources while simultaneously charging any secondary batteries to maintain back-up power when needed. Power all your gear, all the time, anywhere in the world.

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Bulk Charging

Robust, reliable charging solutions that keep batteries powered up, no matter the environment

If Power Managers are the brain, this is the brawn. The Max-8 Mission Adaptive Charging Station is a robust, reliable charging solution to keep missions running and operators powered up. It reduces operational battery burden, allowing teams to do more with less.

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