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Galvion to Exhibit “Charge on the Move” Solution at AUSA

The vehicle-mounted configuration streamlines the connection between the onboard vehicle power systems and Galvion’s personal-worn power and data systems By Abi Wylie / 05 Oct 2023
Galvion to Exhibit “Charge on the Move” Solution at AUSA
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Galvion will demonstrate their “Charge on the Move” vehicle mounted soldier power solution at AUSA in Washington DC, 9-11 October 2023, Booth #618. 

This announcement comes in response to emerging requirements to provide power and battery charging to dismounted troops while they are being transported in vehicles.

The foundation of Galvion’s Charge on the Move solution is the field-proven and widely adopted Squad Power Manager™ (SPM) in a vehicle mounted configuration.

Mounting the SPM on a vehicle allows a more streamlined the connection between the onboard vehicle power systems and Galvion’s personal-worn power and data systems. 

The SPM converts vehicle power for direct operator use and provides smart charging when needed— no need for a large generator or extra batteries. Input power can be done through NATO tactical connections, via DC “cigarette” plug adapter, or direct from the vehicle battery, onboard AC or solar. 

The system is compatible with most tactical vehicles currently in use. Working in conjunction with Galvion’s power and data ecosystem, dismounted soldiers connect into the system using Galvion’s Personal Worn Scavenger™ (PWS) via low-profile, sealed magnetic connection, which provides quick connect-disconnect capability day or night and while wearing gloves, and gives a more secure and robust link. 

Operators can keep radios and other mission-critical equipment running while simultaneously trickle-charging personal-worn batteries and equipment. Additionally, Galvion’s proprietary Nerv Centr® Application, an integrated capability with the 2-Port Power & Data Hub™ (PDH-2), allows operators to monitor power supply versus demand, enabling quick analysis of power requirements. 

Up to four soldiers can connect to the SPM simultaneously, allowing dismounted soldiers to step off the vehicle fully charged and ready-to-go. 

Kristen Lomastro, President of Active Systems at Galvion, said; “This Charge on the Move solution further optimizes the functionality and efficiency of our power management and wearable power & data ecosystems, taking up minimal real estate but providing maximum value. System interoperability builds flexibility and agility for the warfighter and increases their ability to respond and adapt to changes in operational demands. Lessening the burden on the individual operator and unit, whether physical, cognitive, or logistic, drives everything we do at Galvion, and this solution ticks all the boxes to enhance performance and support mission success.”

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