New Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Card for VPX & VME Systems

Kontron has released its new XMC-ETH6, a ruggedized, high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Mezzanine Card designed for defense applications in harsh environments By William Mackenzie / 06 Jun 2024
New Rugged Gigabit Ethernet Card for VPX & VME Systems
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IoT/Embedded Computer Technology (ECT) provider Kontron has released the XMC-ETH6, a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet XMC designed to enhance the networking capabilities of VME or VPX Single Board Computers (SBCs)

The XMC-ETH6 features six ports, providing expanded connectivity options and greater flexibility in network configuration. This increased port count allows users to establish a greater number of connections with a single card, resulting in cost and space savings at the system level.

The XMC-ETH6 includes four independent 1G/2.5G ports and two independent 1G copper ports, enabling users to meet diverse network requirements. It features six independent Ethernet controllers, four of which support TSN/IEEE1388 PTP for robust and efficient network performance. 

Equipped with rugged, highly EMC compliant IEC 61076 standard Harting ix front connectors, the XMC-ETH6 ensures reliable and secure connectivity even in demanding environments.

The XMC-ETH6 offers flexible mounting options and is available in both air-cooled and rugged conduction-cooled versions:

The air-cooled variant features front panel Ethernet connectors that comply with the IEC ‘IX’ Ethernet industrial standard, offering easy locking, enhanced robustness and improved EMC resistance.

The conduction-cooled version is well-suited for harsh environments such as defense or transportation applications due to its rugged design.

Featuring an 8-port, 8-lane PCIe Gen3 switch, the XMC-ETH6 ensures global reliable bandwidth for high-performance applications, enabling stable and efficient data transfer. A 3U VPX format version is also available on request, with the same interfaces for seamless integration into existing systems.

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