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Enhancing Government Security Applications Situational Awareness with Radar

Feature Article by Echodyne
Improving situational awareness for government security applications with radar
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Echodyne discusses how government agencies and civilian teams are closing threat detection gaps using layered sensor solutions anchored with precision radar.

For decades, government security devices used for border patrol, public safety, and asset security have relied mainly on fixed position cameras, video surveillance, and RF sensors. This combination of monitoring tools typically provides decent ground coverage, but very little air coverage for most scenarios. 

As threats continue to multiply in dangerous and creative ways, especially as drones have become inexpensive to acquire, easy to operate, and simple to hack, gaps in coverage for these new aerial threats exist when using fixed position cameras, video surveillance, and RF sensors.   

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Echodyne looks at how several common government security applications can experience the benefits of incorporating metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA) radar into their solution stack.

The article covers: 

  • Incorporating radar into border security solutions
  • Enhancing public safety and asset security with radar
  • Creating counter-drone solutions for government applications using radar

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