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Echodyne Addresses C-UAS Technology Europe Conference

Echodyne's session at Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024 in London saw the company's VP of Marketing, Leo McCloskey discussing important C-UAS developments in accuracy and mobility By Joseph Macey / 16 Apr 2024
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Echodyne, the radar platform company, has led a discussion at the second annual Counter UAS Technology Europe 2024 conference.

Echodyne Addresses C-UAS Technology Europe Conference

Echodyne VP of Marketing, Leo McCloskey, discussed important counter-UAS developments in accuracy and mobility at the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, London.

Echodyne’s participation in this year’s event comes on the heels of significantly expanding its footprint in the region with new, European-based team members.

The conference was hosted by SAE Media Group and focused on gathering European C-UAS stakeholders to address the growing proliferation of small drones and unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology and the need for European armed forces and security agencies to protect critical national infrastructure and personnel at home and abroad by way of cutting-edge, C-UAS operations.

Drones are an increasing threat beyond the battlefield with payload and operational capabilities that challenge existing sensors and systems. From low, slow, and very effective small UAS to larger Group 3 UAS, the threat to logistics, missions, and warfighters is vast and expanding. Part of the challenge is the need for sensors that can accurately track and deliver precise airspace coordinates of the intruding UAS, something that Echodyne’s metamaterials electronically scanned array (MESA®) are uniquely capable.

Cost symmetry is another challenge, with non-state actors spending small amounts on UAS weapons that require multi-million dollar systems to defeat. Echodyne’s radars achieve the optimal balance of low-cost, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) advanced technology and high-performance, active beamforming ESA precision to create the most powerful, low-SWaP radars on the market.

With both processed and unprocessed data integration options, Echodyne radars are said to generate the most accurate data for detecting, tracking, targeting, and mitigating UAS threats.

“Solving the ‘drone problem’ requires technology and software that, when integrated, contributes high-fidelity, actionable data from attritable COTS platforms,” said Todd Fraser, Chief Revenue Officer at Echodyne.

“Customer requirements are rapidly and radically changing, from fixed and portable to highly mobile, from crewed to uncrewed to platforms, from range as the sole driver to greater emphasis on spatial accuracy. Echodyne is expanding to meet increasing customer demand across Europe, Middle East, and Africa for low SWaP, commercially-exportable radars with superior ESA performance.”

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