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Three New Unmanned Systems Products Announced to Support Modern Warfighters

Auterion Government Solutions has released the Skynode S, the Auterion T&I App, and the Dragon Reference Design kit, to provide attritable, low-cost unmanned aerial systems to track and destroy targets in battle By Sarah Simpson / 01 Jul 2024
Three New Unmanned Systems Products Announced to Support Modern Warfighters
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Auterion Government Solutions (AGS), the company building the software-defined future for mobile robotics and powering the world’s leading drone manufacturers, has announced the release of three new products for modern warfare scenarios.

Auterion GS is making Skynode S, the Auterion T&I App, and the Dragon Reference Design kit available to the defense industry to provide an attritable, low-cost UAS to track and destroy targets in battle.

Auterion has worked with government and OEM partners in the US, EU, and Ukraine over the last several months to develop this new capability, which has now reached TRL-9 following hundreds of test flights and successful front-line engagements by our Ukrainian partners.

“Our technology is transforming the battlefield to help democracies defend themselves.” said Lorenz Meier, CEO of Auterion.

“The Auterion hardware and software platform has been engineered to provide robust support for all enterprise and ISR use cases. With the introduction of these new capabilities, our software now also directly supports onboard apps for unmanned strike systems.”

Auterion Government Solutions enables the rapid innovation, deployment and evolution of robotics capabilities through the power, flexibility and interoperability of open architecture software.

The Auterion software platform is a hardware-agnostic, interoperable operating system where autonomous capabilities, sensors, payloads and new AI-driven features can pollinate across a diverse fleet of vehicles made by different manufacturers.

With a diverse robotics ecosystem and the ability to choose onboard applications for mission-specific smart autonomous behaviors, AGS provides warfighters with the tools needed to face tomorrow’s challenges.

Skynode S provides an all-in-one autonomous solution that combines a flight controller and mission computer to unlock the full functionality of Auterion’s software platform.

The hardware features the FMUv6x flight management unit from the current Skynode X family and a powerful mission computer with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit for AI and computer vision applications. The Skynode S is National Defense Authorization Act compliant, and is capable of powering all types of vehicles with up to eight motors/servos, including larger fixed-wing platforms.

Auterion T&I (Track & Intercept) App is a new AuterionOS application that allows minimally trained operators to designate static and moving objects in video, and enter an automatic flight mode that intercepts tracked objects with low CEP, even if the link is lost during the terminal phase.

The app delivers the capabilities of expensive loitering munitions to attritable systems and overcomes the requirement for manual piloting as the main limitation of traditional FPVs (First Person Views). It has been engineered to work with larger fixed-wing and VTOL systems

The Dragon Reference Design Kit includes a kit with digital radio and cameras for partners to develop a sUAS quadcopter system focused on delivering low-cost, high-volume FPV drone and software.

It provides the full functionality of AuterionOS and Auterion Mission Control, plus enhanced precision tracking and delivery capabilities from the Auterion T&I App, helping drone manufacturers get up and running quickly, manufacturing for systems that support:

  • up to 2.5 kg payload capacity
  • 25 km away endurance
  • with a 1.5 kg payload
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