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Intelligent Sensing & Adaptive Lidar for Early Detection

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AEye Inc
Intelligent Sensing & Adaptive Lidar for Early Detection
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AEye delivers reliable perception for highly complex early detection scenarios. The 4Sight™ platform captures targeted information allowing faster more reliable perception so that better decisions can be made. The system provides ultra-high performance and real-time adaptive vision at a fraction of the cost by using modular, off-the-shelf components.

4Sight™ employs software-definable architecture to adapt scan patterns enabling artificial intelligence to search a scene, acquire objects and understand what they are. This intelligent sensing ability then improves image resolution and increases laser power to intelligently track the objects that matter.

4Sight™on Guard

High-speed detection scenarios for defense and aerospace include; helicopter wire detection, identification of space debris, and advanced targeting. One sensor can operate in multiple environments supporting optimal SWaPC (size, weight, power, and cost).

Capable of long-range detection exceeding one kilometer — beyond 3 kilometers with custom optics, 4Sight™ lidar can “cue” off other sensors, or self-cue, and then adapt once cued. This patented capability to communicate with other sensors, such as radar and camera sensors, makes AEye’s artificially intelligent technology suited to a wide range of aerospace and defense applications, including:

  • Full object identification
  • Object classification
  • Sensor fusion
  • Range instrumentation support
  • Weapon defenses
  • Mapping for high security zones


AEye’s intelligent lidar tracks a speeding bullet
Using a 22,000 frame rate scan pattern and our commercial, off-the-shelf system optimized via software, AEye’s 4Sight M intelligent lidar is able to detect and track a 45-caliber bullet, traveling roughly 800fps.

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