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MIL-Spec Connectors for Military & Army Applications - MIL-STD Electrical Connectors
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Omnetics Connector Corporation is an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of rugged micro- and nano-miniature mil-spec connectors. Our high-reliability rugged connectors and interconnect solutions are designed to withstand the harshest of environments, and are ideal for a wide range of mission-critical military and defense applications.

We offer a wide range of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, and can also design and manufacture custom solutions to suit your unique requirements. With over 25 years’ experience in the miniature mil-spec connector and interconnection systems industry, Omnetics’ products are second to none.

Nano-D Connectors

mil spec electrical connectorsOur mil-spec Nano-D connectors are designed to meet or exceed MIL-DTL-32139 standards, providing a compact, lightweight and shock and vibration-resistant interconnect solution for miniature electronic systems in aircraft, UAVs and military vehicles.

The connectors are available in single or dual row configurations, from 9 up to 65 contacts.

Termination options include Horizontal or Vertical SMT, Straight Tails, Horizontal or Vertical Thru-Hole, Flex Mount, Pre-Wired or Jumper. Panel mount housings are also available with Horizontal SMT, Straight Tails, Flex Mount or Pre-Wired.

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Micro-D Connectors

Rugged connectorsOur rugged Micro-D connectors are designed to provide the utmost in reliability under the harshest of conditions, with extremely high tolerance to shock and vibration and temperatures of up to 260°C. The gold-plated flex pins can withstand more than 2000 mating cycles.

The MIL-DTL-83513-compliant connectors can be configured with 9 to 51 contacts, with a variety of termination options including pre-wired, Surface Mount (Horizontal, Vertical or Edge), Flex Circuit Mount, Thru-Hole (Straight or Right Angle), solder cup and jumper.

More information: Micro-D Connectors

High-Speed Connectors

We provide a range of connectors specially designed for high-speed digital signal requirements, allowing ultra-fast data transmission while providing excellent crosstalk and impedance performance.

Our rugged high-speed interconnect solutions include USB 3.0, Cat6a, HDMI and Camera Link.

More information: High-Speed Connectors

Polarized Nano Connectors

Our Polarized Nano (PZN) family features some of the smallest board to cable mounted connectors in the industry.

Ideal for portable military equipment and small UAVs and robotic vehicles, the rugged connectors are highly resistant to shock and vibration.

The lightweight ultra-miniature connectors feature .025” (.64 mm) spaced gold-plated contacts, and are configured with one row of pins and one row of sockets, creating a polarized formation without additional guide pins. Options include pre-wired, solder cups, Horizontal SMT, Vertical SMT, Straight Thru-Hole or ready-made cable assemblies.

More information: Polarized Nano Connectors

Micro Circular Mil-Spec Connectors

Designed to MIL-DTL-83513 military specifications, Omnetics Micro Circular connectors feature a rugged and reliable Flex-Pin contact system spaced on 50 mil (1.27mm) centerlines. With a compact mated length of less than 12.4 mm, they are ideal for high-density military electronics applications.

Options include Straight, Right Angle Thru-Hole, Solder Cup, and Pre-Wired. Metal backshells are available for enhanced shock and vibration resistance, with dust- and waterproofing up to IP68.

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Nano Circular Connectors

Military Circular connectorOmnetics Nano Circular connectors feature an industry-leading compact mating length of just 9.0mm, and are designed to MIL-DTL-32139 specifications. The rugged design includes nickel gold-plated contacts, allowing the connectors to last more than 2000 mating cycles.

Off-the-shelf versions include straight tail terminations, pre-wiring or cable assemblies, and flex terminations and custom wire harnesses are available on request. Shell options include Threaded, Twist-Lock or Break-Away Metal Shell versions with environmental sealing of up to IP68.

More information: Nano Military Circular Connectors

Harsh Environment Connector Applications

Harsh environment connectors

Military Aircraft
Able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration, Omnetics’ miniature mil-spec connectors have been used in a wide range of military aircraft systems, including avionics computers, munitions, and sensors.

Mil spec connectors for UAVs

UAVs & Unmanned Systems
With lightweight construction, compact designs and high-density pin arrangements, Omnetics interconnect solutions are ideal for SWaP-limited tactical UAVs, unmanned ground vehicles, and other robotic platforms.

Wearable connectors

Portable & Wearable Equipment
Our rugged and reduced-space army connectors are highly suited to portable, wearable and dismounted soldier equipment designs, including sensors, communications systems, minicomputers and weapons platforms.

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