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Inertial Labs seeks to increase distribution channels within the defense industry By Sarah Simpson / 06 Feb 2023
Inertial Labs Seeks to Increase Distribution Channels
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Forward-thinkers, creators, and doers continually seeking to improve everything from process to product and beyond, Inertial Labs support solutions within government, defense, and aerospace by developing and customizing military products using cutting-edge technologies. With application breadth on Land, Air, and Sea, Inertial Labs cover the gambit of inertial technologies and solutions.

Serving and consulting with clients within the defense industry, Inertial Labs are looking to increase distribution channels, offering a broad range of tactical, navigational, and strategic-grade products, and working hard to listen, adapt, and evolve within the sector. Inertial Labs solutions include, but are not exclusive to:

  • Inertial Measurement
  • Magnetic Compensation
  • GNSS Tracking & Navigation in GNSS-denied environments
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Weapon Orientation and Pointing
  • LiDAR Scanning
  • Optical Image Processing
  • Acoustics
  • Ultra-wideband RF
  • Celestial/Solar Compassing

The entire Inertial Labs’ catalog of products is open for collaboration with prospective partners.

As trailblazers in developing innovative essential navigation solutions for use within defense, Inertial Labs provide state-of-the-art products and services alongside high-quality, cost-competitive, and quick turnaround service: If you can dream it, Inertial Labs can build it.

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