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High-Reliability Mil-Spec Ruggedized RF Coaxial Cables, RF Cable Assemblies and Interconnects

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High-Reliability Mil-Spec Ruggedized RF Coaxial Cables, RF Cable Assemblies and Interconnects
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Times Microwave is the world leader in low-loss coaxial cable and interconnect technology for RF and microwave transmission. Our high-performance ruggedized solutions are designed to support demanding real-time data transmission for a wide range of mission-critical military, aerospace and defense applications.

With over 70 years of experience providing ruggedized RF cables, assemblies and interconnects, and an extensive network of manufacturing facilities and distributors worldwide, we can provide both off-the-shelf and custom cable assembly solutions to meet any requirements.

custom cable assembly solutions

TCOM UV- & Fire-Resistant Ruggedized Coaxial Cables

Our highly versatile TCOM low-loss coaxial cables feature rugged construction and are ideal for low-PIM (Passive Intermodulation) applications requiring enhanced bending, handling and longevity characteristics after installation.low loss coaxial cableThe TCOM low-loss coaxial cable series provides a number of options to suit a range of ruggedized use cases:

  • Standard Coax Cable: black polyethylene jacket
  • Fire-Resistant Coax Cable: non-halogen jacket, rated CMR/MPR/PCC-FT4
  • UV-Resistant Coax Cable: stranded center conductor & watertight black polyurethane jacket.

LMR Rugged Coaxial Cables

Our LMR-50 and LMR-75 coaxial cables (50Ohm and 75 Ohm) are designed for maximum ruggedness and survivability. The flexible, low-loss cable family provides a wide range of solutions to support both indoor and outdoor military coax cable requirements.Rugged Coaxial CablesOptions include:

  • Standard: high-performance broadband cables with 100% effective shielding, available as pre-terminated assemblies
  • Fire Retardant: low smoke zero halogen cable designed for in-building runs
  • Direct Burial: waterproof cables for superior reliability in buried installation
  • Ultra-Flex: stranded center conductor and rubber outer jacket for multiple bending/flexing cycles
  • LLPX: indoor fire-retardant cables designed for runs within return air handling

More information: LMR Rugged Coaxial Cables

FBT Fire-Retardant Coaxial Cables

high power coaxial cablesThe FBT series of high-power low-loss coaxial cables provides excellent levels of fire resistance, and is ideal for military buildings and installations with return air handling plenums, as well as high-powered radar and laser systems.

Quick Erecting Antenna Mast Ruggedized RF Coaxial Cables

Quick Erecting Antenna Mast RF CablesOur QEAM (Quick Erecting Antenna Mast) cables have been specifically designed to endure the rigors of hard-wearing mission-critical applications that require repeated reeling and unreeling in a wide range of temperatures.

Fully weatherproofed and built to MIL-T-81490 military standards, the rugged cables have been selected for proven military platforms such as the Hawk and Patriot missile systems.

QEAM coaxial cables are provided as finished assemblies with heavy-duty stainless-steel connectors and fully tested over the required frequency bands. They can be fitted with hoisting grips and further customized to suit specific application requirements.

PhaseTrack Coaxial Cable Assemblies

PhaseTrack RF cable assemblies are constructed with a unique proprietary dielectric that enables them to excel in demanding applications that require minimal phase change over temperature, making them superior to solid- or tape-wrapped PTFE-based cables.

PhaseTrack Coaxial Cable AssembliesOptions include:

  • Standard: flexible phase-stable cable assemblies with triple-shield construction
  • Ultra-Flexible: enhanced flexibility for applications requiring high levels of movement
  • Low-Smoke: zero-halogen cables for confined spaces such as naval vessels and submarines
  • Semi-Rigid: designed for in-the-box and extreme environment applications

MaxGain Coaxial Cable Assemblies

microwave cable assembliesOur MaxGain microwave cable assemblies provide high performance and ultra-low loss, featuring a unique spiral outer conductor technology that ensures light weight and superior reliability in high-frequency applications. Cables are provided as finished assemblies that are fully tested over the required frequency bands.

More information: MaxGain microwave cable assemblies


military cables

Military Ground Vehicles
Our rugged MIL-SPEC RF cables are ideal for a wide range of critical systems utilized by armored and ground-based vehicles, including VHF and UHF communications, GPS navigation, electronic warfare systems, IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), and deployable antennas.

RF interconnect solutions for military radar systems

Times Microwave RF interconnect solutions ensure the transmission of reliable and consistent signals for military radar systems, allowing phase stability to be maintained even under highly challenging and variable environmental conditions.

shipboard coaxial cable assemblies

Naval & Marine
Our shipboard coaxial cable assemblies are designed to to serve a range of vital functions on board naval vessels and submarines, with options for MIL-DTL-17 qualification and low smoke zero-halogen construction for confined spaces.

rf microwave cables for avionics

Avionics & Airframes
We provide highly durable, lightweight and flexible aircraft RF microwave cable and connector solutions that can withstand the demanding levels of vibration and temperature change faced by avionics and other aircraft and helicopter systems.

coaxial cable and connectors for UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Times Microwave’s coaxial cable and connector technologies are ideal for the space- and weight-constrained airframes of UAVs and drones, ensuring the utmost in reliability for avionics, sensors, data recording, communications and other subsystems.

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