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New Tool Kit Released for LMR Installations

Times Microwave Systems has released a new hardcase installation tool kit for LMR TK-400/400-75EZ-HC series connectors, complete with a foam cutout that secures tools in place for quick and easy access By DA Staff / 05 Jul 2023
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New Tool Kit Released for LMR Installations

Times Microwave Systems, developer of innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors for military and defense applications, has released a new hardcase kit that includes all of the tools required for working on LMR TK- 400/400-75EZ-HC coaxial cable installations. 

These kits are designed to enhance work efficiency by packaging all the necessary tools for a specific job together in one organized case. This eliminates guesswork and inefficiencies by ensuring the correct tools are readily accessible at the work site when needed.

“We know how important it is for a field installer to make sure they have all the tools they’ll need before heading to a job site,” said Kevin Moyher at Times Microwave Systems. “The Times Microwave Systems LMR product line is so widely used that it makes sense to offer our own LMR tools in a portable kit. Maintenance crews can do a quick visual check to be sure everything is there, grab the kit, and go. When a communication system is down, fast and effective repair is crucial. The first LMR tool kit we introduced earlier this year has been a big hit with our customers for just that reason.”

Specifically, the LMR TK-400/400-75EZ-HC tool kit includes:

  • CT-400: Crimp tool for LMR 400 X series connectors 
  • CST-400: Prep tool for LMR-400 X series connectors 
  • CST-400-75: Prep tool for LMR-400-75
  • CCT-03: Cable cutting tool for LMR-400 and LMR-400-75

The popular LMR system—used in a broad range of applications including Wi-Fi, SCADA, RFID, GPS, and more— includes a complete line of highly flexible, rugged, low loss braided cables with the fastest, easiest connector installation available.

According to Times Microwave, LMR cables provide superior performance compared to RG cables of similar size with significantly better attenuation, shielding effectiveness, and UV resistance. The LMR product line has a complete assortment of connectors. 

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