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New RF Interconnect Solution Introduced for Aviation Industry

The modular end-to-end RF interconnect solution from Times Microwave Systems offers improved installation efficiency, increased safety and optimal performance, designed to meet avionic requirements By Joseph Macey / 10 Feb 2021
Times-Microwave-Systems_TCA_Solution_for_Aviation Industry
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Times Microwave Systems have introduced a complete avionics end-to-end RF interconnect solution with the TCA product line, including cables, modular connectors, tooling and a pulling nose.

The Times Commercial Air (TCA) product line improves installation efficiency and increases safety. It features Times’ lightweight, low-loss, high-temperature, highly flexible TCA cable, ideal for meeting avionics’ critical electrical and mechanical performance requirements for applications including satellite communications, collision avoidance, navigation, and more.

The flight friendly modular RF connector system makes terminating the cable quick and easy while ensuring optimal electrical and mechanical performance. TCA connectors provide:

• Standardized and error-proof connectorization

• Reduced inventory costs and risks

• Simplified installation/replacement operations

• Eliminate foreign object damage (FOD) – pretermination means no onboard tooling and no braid trimming.

Modular TCA Pull nose

The TCA product line also includes unique, all-in-one prep tools including the ST-3520, ST-31156 and ST-3112 for simple, safe, and repeatable cable termination. Users can save time by preterminating the assemblies with the cable entry and using the TCA’s pulling nose to “fish” the assembly through the fuselage of an aircraft. This enables the user to complete the connector installation with the configuration that best fits the final system.

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