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Inertial Labs Lowest Cost Multi-Frequency and Multi-Constellation Navigation Solution Yet

Inertial Labs Unveil Low-Cost GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System designed for a multitude of defence applications By Joseph Macey / 13 Sep 2021
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Inertial Labs have unveiled a new, reportedly ultra-low cost, U-Blox Based, Single Antenna GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System. The new INS-BU is a high performance strapdown system that determines position, velocity, and absolute orientation to any platform that it is mounted to.

Unlike other solutions available, the INS-BU comes already equipped with full access to all major constellations and frequencies. Designed for UAVs, Land Vehicles, and Marine Vessels, the INS-BU is an effective, low-cost solution that uses a range of aiding data for different applications. With highly accurate navigation in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)-denied environments (utilizing the enhanced Tunnel Guide algorithm), the INS-BU delivers a comprehensive GNSS-denied solution at a lower price point.

With custom interfaces and a power consumption of two and a half Watts, the INS-BU is a versatile solution fit for a wide variety of users with power consumption restrictions. In addition, the INS-BU contains Initial Labs’ on-board sensor fusion filter, state of the art navigation, and guidance algorithms and calibration software. As well as this, the on-board ZED-F9P receiver ensures the security of positioning and navigation information by using secure interfaces and advanced jamming and spoofing detection technologies.

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