3D Monitors & Workstations for Mission Planning, Data Visualization & Virtual Simulation
3D PluraView Image Displays The reference for passive 3D stereo monitors
3D PluraView Image Displays

The reference for passive 3D stereo monitors

Our 3D PluraView System provides the optimum stereo-viewing environment for a comfortable and fatigue-free work experience with all 3D-stereo applications. Visit Website Contact
3D PluraView Image Displays

Our innovative and reliable PluraView beam-splitter technology is the basis for pixel-precise, stereoscopic 3D image displays, offering the highest stereo viewing quality possible. Currently, PluraView stereo displays can be configured with screen diagonals of up to 28”, resolutions up to 4K (UHD) and a color depth of 10-bit per pixel.

In addition, our new BlackTuner technology substantially enhances the viewing and capturing of dark, shadowed image areas and comes integrated with the 27” and 28” 3D PluraView monitors.

With screen refresh rates of only 1 ms, an absolutely smooth stereo image roaming is guaranteed. Our optimized polarization glasses feature excellent stereo channel separation to prevent “ghosting” and are inexpensive and easy to replace, if scratched or damaged.

3D PluraView Highlights:
  • High resolution - FullHD, 2.5K or 4K per eye
  • Flicker-Free - for professional continuous use
  • Daylight suitable - with two bright and high-contrast displays
  • Wide Viewing Angle - for comfortable work even in a team
  • Software Certified - for all 3D stereo applications
  • Functional design - Highest quality – Made in Germany
  • Supported Graphics Cards - all NVIDIA Quadro & all AMD FirePRO / RadeonPRO
  • Compact Design - Two different assemblies for optimal space utilization
  • Plug & Play - Works without driver under Windows /LINUX / macOS
  • Unrestricted communication - with colleagues and customers during VR meetings
  • Object tracking - with spheres or 3D-Pens for realistic model interaction
  • Ideal complement - to HMD and immersive VR systems