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360 Display Wearable display for enhanced situational awareness
360 Display

Wearable display for enhanced situational awareness

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360 Display

Wearable AR display for situational awareness

The Honeywell 360 Display is a wearable augmented reality system that provides unprecedented situational awareness for pilots and ground vehicle operators. Utilizing external high-resolution cameras, it delivers an ultra-low—latency 360-degree view of the environment outside the aircraft or vehicle.

The lightweight head-worn display can overlay flight instrumentation data, air traffic data and sensor information within the operator’s immediate field of view, thus reducing the need to consult instruments and making it ideal for enhanced safety and confidence in bad weather, low visibility or congested airspace. The modular design of the 360 display enables it to be integrated with multiple external systems.

Vision Mode Binocular
Field of Regard 150 x 110 degrees
Resolution 720p full color