Kopin Receives Additional Order for Thermal Weapon Sight Program

A $12.8 million follow-on order has been placed for for Kopin's eyepiece subassembly, a critical component provided to a Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractor By Joseph Macey / 14 Aug 2023
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Provider of application specific optical systems and high performance micro-displays Kopin Corporation has received a $12.8 million follow-on order for its eyepiece subassembly. 

The eyepiece subassembly is a critical component provided to a Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractor that integrates the eyepiece into a sophisticated video “see through” AR optical module using Kopin’s high-brightness microdisplay together with custom-designed Pancake optics.

The order is a significant increase in year-over-year demand which has scheduled deliveries of the eyepiece subassemblies in 2024, with early deliveries allowed.

“This is the third follow-on order we have received for this product, which is a testament to Kopin’s success in designing and manufacturing very complex microdisplay modules and subassemblies that are used in the most rugged environments and most importantly provide our soldiers and defense customers with the best possible equipment,” said Bill Maffucci, Kopin’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategy.

Michael Murray, Kopin’s Chief Executive Officer, added: “This most recent order is the result of our increased focus on strategic customer engagement, new business development and operational improvements to deliver products on-time and in-full as we continue to build the foundation for significant revenue and profitable growth.”

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