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Cutting-Edge Unmanned Aviation Technologies & Autonomous Systems for Government & Defense Applications

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Aurora Flight Sciences
Cutting-Edge Unmanned Aviation Technologies & Autonomous Systems for Government & Defense Applications
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Aurora Flight Sciences is an industry leader in rapid aircraft development and integrating state-of-the-art technologies into mission-ready flight systems for government and defense customers.

With unmatched R&D capabilities, and broad and deep experience developed over more than 35 years, we have a proven history of creating innovative and agile solutions that advance the future of flight.

We have solved critical challenges for customers in the global commercial, defence and government sectors, and are also a trusted supplier to Tier 1 aerospace and aircraft manufacturers, providing high-quality components and sub-assemblies with the latest innovations in composite materials and robotic manufacturing. We offer mission-ready small unmanned aircraft systems; we design, build, and fly experimental aircraft and cutting-edge technologies; and we integrate new technologies into aircraft platforms and flight test programs.

Skiron-X Small Unmanned Aerial System

Long-endurance Group 2 eVTOL UAS optimized for ISR

Group 2 UAS

The Skiron Expeditionary sUAS (SKIRON-X) is a Group 2 UAS that combines the maneuverability of VTOL platforms with the speed and endurance of fixed-wing aircraft. Designed for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and gathering high-resolution EO/IR imagery, the BVLOS-ready aircraft provides operators with a capability that is easy to use and rapidly deployable.

Small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS)The Skiron-X features a modular nosecone payload bay that can be equipped with an ISR-focused EO/IR camera or custom payloads.

With a flight endurance of up to three hours and long-range military-grade RF communications, the versatile sUAS is ideal for defense, search and rescue, emergency services, and communications relay applications.

Advanced & Experimental Aircraft

Cutting-edge design, manufacture and flight testing for the next generation of aviation

prototype aircraft

Designing, building, and flying advanced aircraft is at the heart of Aurora Flight Sciences. We bring together a unique combination of expertise across engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, and flight operations, taking cutting-edge manned and unmanned aircraft designs from initial ideas through to full flight.

Advanced and Experimental AircraftAurora has a long and proven history of creating experimental and prototype aircraft for a wide range of aerospace and defense clients, including NASA and DARPA. The SunLight Eagle platform completed the first solar-powered UAS flights in the U.S. national airspace, and Orion set the world record for the longest flight duration achieved by a remotely-controlled UAV. In 2019, we flew our first unmanned eVTOL passenger air vehicle.

We are continuing to innovate with programs that demonstrate more sustainable propulsion systems, advanced flight controls, maritime heavy-air-lift, and high-speed vertical lift.

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Autonomy & Manned-Unmanned Teaming

Innovative research and development for autonomous vehicles and robotics

Robotics and autonomous vehicles

Aurora has developed a flexible, service-oriented architecture for developing and deploying novel behaviors in autonomous vehicles, empowering them with high-level decision-making capabilities. We have also created advanced technologies that further the state of the art in conflict detection and resolution (CD&R), route and trajectory planning, and robotics hardware.

Manned-Unmanned TeamingBy applying user-centered design processes, Aurora works to enhance pilot and operator capabilities through autonomous vehicle systems. In our Advanced Teaming Integration Lab (ATIL), a teaming sandbox allows developers to test novel HMI and autonomy concepts.

We are experts in both rapid prototyping and flight operations, and our R&D capabilities allow us to innovate and iterate through accelerated develop and test cycles, delivering rapid results for our clients.

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Flight Operations & Testing

Integration of innovative technologies through proven flight testing

flight testing

Aurora’s dedicated flight operations team tests novel air vehicles, uncrewed operations, autonomous behaviors, and other technologies to ensure success under challenging real-world conditions. With a variety of capabilities and extensive operations expertise, we can efficiently provide the data you need to move your program forward.

flight operationsOur capabilities include:

  • System integration engineering
  • Full-time certified test pilots and crew
  • Test fleet: Centaur OPA and DA-42 turbo-prop aircraft; UH-1 helicopter with unpiloted capabilities and flexible payload
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HILSIM) for efficient develop-test cycles
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