Pan & Tilt Units

Pan & Tilt Units Overview

Pan & Tilt Platforms

Pan and tilt units provide accurate, real-time positioning of antenna, cameras, lasers, radars, or other payloads used in military applications. 

The units are usually fully weatherproof, with ratings up to IP67-IP68. The wiring is typically installed on the inside of the unit along with integrated sliprings which allows for continuous 360 degree pan rotation.

Pan and tilt platforms are designed for use in fixed and mobile applications in extreme environments and are usually mounted on buildings or air, ground, and naval vehicles. 

They also feature state-of-the-art control algorithms and electronics that deliver precise, smooth motion even when travelling at high speeds. Pan and tilt gear boxes are designed to minimize unnecessary movement (backlash) and have high gear ratios for lower speeds along with mechanical braking.

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