Demining, EOD/IED and Search Suits

Demining, EOD/IED and Search Suits Overview

Bomb & ballistic resistant suits

Bomb and ballistic resistant suits are manufactured with the latest materials technology in order to provide maximum protection whilst still being lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.

The suits provide fragmentation, blast and ballistic protection to the whole body from all angles, including under arm and groin protection. The trousers are articulated at the knees to allow for adequate flexibility and mobility, and the sleeves are independent of the jacket so they can be adjusted for different shoulder sizes as well as enabling freedom of movement.

Ballistic helmets also feature the latest materials technology and moulding techniques to provide ballistic protection that is specifically moulded to the wearer’s head. These helmets are fitted with a fragmentation face shield and can fit inside the collar of the suit without obstructing movement in any direction.

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