Demining Suits, EOD/IED Suits and Search Suits

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Overview Demining Suits, EOD/IED Suits and Search Suits
By Defense Advancement Last updated: June 8th, 2022

Demining search suits provide fragmentation, blast and ballistic protection from blast type anti-personnel mines for deminers, unexploded ordnance (UXO) technicians and other specialists in the armed forces and police who search and locate mines and explosives.

Demining Suit Materials and Construction

Demining suits (often referred to as EOD suits or IED search suits) use advanced ballistic-resistant, fragment-proof materials which are lightweight, comfortable and flexible, with soft armor typically covering the operator’s body including neck, torso, shoulders, legs and groin.

Advanced materials used in demining suit design ensure an optimal performance to weight ratio can be achieved, while maintaining a suitable flexibility for maximum freedom of movement while demining search activities are conducted.

Typical Components of a Demining / EOD Search Suit

  • The jacket provides protection for the front, back and sides, shoulder and neck
  • Separate arm sleeves protect the arms while maintaining mobility
  • Trousers, which are typically articulated at the knee, provide protection to the legs
  • The groin protector provides protection to the groin and (in some designs) lower abdomen
  • Mittens provide protection to the palm and top of the hands
  • A ballistic helmet and fragmentation visor protect the technician’s head and face
demining suits

Body Protection Levels Provided by an EOD Search Suit

While a typical fragmentation vest provides protection to the torso only, a ‘Total coverage’ demining suit envelops the operator from head to foot and provides far greater protection for the whole body from all angles, including under the arm and groin.

The trousers of this type of demining suit are articulated at the knees to allow for adequate flexibility and mobility, and the sleeves are typically independent of the jacket so they can be adjusted for different shoulder sizes as well as enabling freedom of movement.

Demining Suits for Hot Climates

Given the high coverage of the body and materials used, standard demining search suits can be unsuitable for use in hot climates. Where demining, EOD and IED search activities are conducted in hot climates, specialist search suits are used, which are better adapted to the hot conditions and often feature an exposed, open back section on the jacket or vest to allow heat to escape more freely.

Ballistic Helmets for Demining and UXO Search

Ballistic helmets also feature the latest materials technology and moulding techniques to provide ballistic protection that is specifically moulded to the wearer’s head. These helmets are fitted with a fragmentation face shield and can fit inside the collar of the demining suit without obstructing movement in any direction.