U.S. Air Force Orders Autonomous Cargo Vehicles for Tactical Evaluation

The U.S. Air Force has contracted HoverCrane to supply its autonomous cargo UAV, which can take-off & land in rough terrain, for evaluation in tactical missions & expeditionary resupply By Abi Wylie / 27 Mar 2024
U.S. Air Force Orders Autonomous Cargo Vehicles for Tactical Evaluation
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HoverCrane has been awarded a U.S. Air Force contract to provide their HoverCrane autonomous uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) for evaluation in tactical missions and expeditionary resupply.

The HoverCrane is an aerial cargo transport vehicle for moving payloads from 10-50lbs, developed for harsh industrial use cases with the capability to take-off and land in rough terrain. It operates on open, modular systems architecture combined with advanced autonomous features. 

Since inception in 2022, HoverCrane has been devoted to developing and building rugged, American-made autonomous aircraft for moving cargo in commercial and military environments.

Ken Snoke, HoverCrane’s CEO, said; “Our HoverCrane team is so proud and excited to be working on this program. An easily deployed autonomous aircraft for shuttling supplies has been at the forefront of our development efforts, and we can’t wait to see how this can positively impact our troops. 

“What’s so exciting is that we have immediate usefulness in tactical resupply and rescue missions, and many future applications with continued innovation in AI and battery technology.”

Snoke also stated; “A few of these drones can shuttle a lot of material over time with minimal support, all with dramatically reduced risk when compared to larger aircraft.

“It’s not hard to imagine how these can help our soldiers in combat and logistics. We are honored to collaborate with the Air Force as we optimize the HoverCrane for mission success and saving lives.”

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