Mil Spec Coaxial Cables

Manufacturers and suppliers of mil spec coaxial cables, including M17 and RG series coax for defense and aerospace applications such as; military communications, radar systems, and ISR equipment and technology
Overview Mil Spec Coaxial Cables
By Staff Writer Last updated: January 22nd, 2024

Coaxial Cables for Defense & Aerospace

Mil Spec (military specification) coaxial cables play a crucial role in the secure transmission of high-frequency signals used in defense applications, such as communications, C5ISTAR, radar systems, and electronic warfare.

Designed and manufactured to rigorous military standards (mil std), coaxial cables for military use meet specifications laid out by defense and aerospace bodies to ensure seamless performance in demanding environmental conditions.

Common Types of Mil Spec Coax

Two commonly used types of Mil Spec coaxial cables are the M17 Series and the RG Series:

M17 Series: These cables are renowned for their high-performance capabilities and exceptional durability. They are designed to meet MIL-C-17G specifications and are particularly suited for high-frequency applications such as radar systems and mission-critical communications.

RG Series: RG (Radio Guide) series cables come in many variants, the most commonly associated with military applications include:

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  • RG-6
    75-Ohm impedance – ideal for high-frequency signals RG-6 coax are often used for transmitting video and digital data used in ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance)
  • RG-58
    50-Ohm impedance – used for short-distance RF connections, such as in Wi-Fi antennas
  • RG-59
    75-Ohm impedance – commonly used for low-frequency video transmissions
  • RG-213
    50-Ohm impedance – heavy-duty, high-performance coaxial cables designed for high-power RF transmission, so often used in military communications
  • RG-400
    50-Ohm impedance – known for low signal loss and high durability, often used in aerospace and defense platforms

Ruggedized Coaxial Cables

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and mechanical stress, mil-spec coaxial cables are extensively tested for durability and designed to achieve minimal signal loss and consistent impedance matching, using precision manufacturing techniques and low-loss dielectric materials.


Mil-std coaxial cables are also shielded to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) to ensure secure and interference-free communication. Depending on the requirement of the application and levels of interference, cables can be double or triple-shielded.

Impedance Matching

It is vital that mil-spec coaxial cables maintain consistent impedance throughout their length to ensure signal integrity in high-frequency applications.

Connectors & Compatibility

To simplify installation and maintenance in the field, mil-std cables often use standardized connectors to ensure compatibility with military, subsea, and aerospace equipment.

Many military cable and connector manufacturers work closely with engineers and OEMs to determine precise cabling requirements for specific applications, for example considering; power handling, signal interface, frequency range, flexibility, and temperature restraints – suppliers can then recommend the most appropriate mil-spec coaxial cable for the application.