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G3 Systems to Refurbish British Army DEWs

The Deployable Engineering Workshops comprise of 12 containers, along with a tented system, that provides a deployable engineering facility used in theatre and for operational duties By Abi Wylie / 09 Feb 2024
G3 Systems to Refurbish British Army DEWs
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G3 Systems has recently announced a rolling refurbishment program to extend the life of the Deployable Engineering Workshops (DEW) capability for up to 10 years, whilst at the same time improving the DEWs overall performance to increase its sustainability and operational longevity. 

The DEW system was first designed, developed and delivered into service in 2006 by G3 Systems, and the capability has stood the test of time having been used extensively on deployed operations around the world, including extended service in Afghanistan.

The DEW comprises of twelve containers, along with a tented system, that provides a deployable engineering facility used by the military, and specifically the Royal Engineers, in theatre and for operational duties in both the UK and overseas. There are three remaining systems, which are used on a rotational basis dependent on operational needs. 

Currently, one system is held in high readiness for deployment so for example could be used for the UK’s commitment to the NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF). If tasked, this would be a key engineering capability required to support the high readiness brigade, along with other combat support and combat service support units such as the artillery, logistics and medical regiments. 

Another is deployed at Kinloss supporting current operations, leaving the third available to undergo the detailed life extension program by G3 Systems at their integration facility in Weymouth. 

The refurbishment program is designed to extend the life of the capability by 10 years, ensure compliance with current electrical regulations, maximize the performance of the DEW and minimize its environmental impact. For example, G3 Systems will be employing smart technologies to reduce the power utilisation of the DEW, thus enhancing the working environment and reducing the DEW’s overall carbon footprint. 

Nick Rose, Managing Director of G3 Systems, said; “We were very proud of the DEW when it was first deployed and have remained engaged with the program throughout its operational life. This program is an excellent opportunity to extend the life of this superb capability. 

“It also demonstrates how industry, and the military, can work together to deliver multi-faceted solutions, save taxpayers money and improve sustainability; while still delivering military capability for front line operations.” 

Mike Batty Head of Operational Infrastructure for DE&S, said; “The Deployable Engineering Workshop is vital to supporting successful operations and I am delighted that we have ensured this unique capability for the British military is available for years to come.”

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