Allison Provides Transmission & Technical Support for Abrams Tanks

The company is expected to begin the delivery of its X1100-3B1 transmission and related technical support for the Abrams Main Battle Tank from January 2023 and continue through March 2024 By DA Staff / 16 Dec 2022
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Allison Transmission has been awarded a contract to provide its X1100-3B1 transmission and technical support for the Abrams Main Battle Tank used by the US Army and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customers.

Allison’s unique qualifications and experience with the development, testing and production of heavy-duty cross-drive transmissions have reduced risk to the US Army as it navigated the pandemic and unprecedented economic conditions. The company believes its innovative approach and best practices provide the Army with greater affordability to reinvest in readiness.

Deliveries and technical support under this contract, worth $51 million, will begin in January 2023 and continue through March 2024.

“Allison is proud of our relationships with the US Army and the world’s finest defense vehicle manufacturers. Our internal investments have led to growth in the defense end market with new contracts in the last six months for Abrams, the US Army’s newest light tank (Mobile Protected Firepower), M88A3 HERCULES and India’s Future Infantry Combat Vehicle,” said Dana Pittard, Vice President for Defense Programs, Allison Transmission. “The future is very exciting as Allison will have a new defense production program launch every year for the next several years.”

The Abrams tank, introduced in the early 1980s, has been the subject of continuous capability improvements throughout its service life. Similarly, Allison continues to develop innovative enhancements to meet customer demand while ensuring transmission longevity and performance.

“The Abrams is the most prevalent main battle tank in the free world, and the recent announcement of defense sales expanding to Taiwan, Australia and Poland increases its presence to eight US partner nations. Allison is proud to support the US Army and our global customers today and for decades to come,” Pittard concluded.

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