Rotary Drones & Unmanned Helicopters for Military & Maritime Applications

Rotary Drones & Unmanned Helicopters for Military & Maritime Applications
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Steadicopter Ltd. is a revolutionary player in the Rotary Unmanned Aerial Systems (RUAS) industry, specializing in the design, development, and production of rotary tactical UAS.

The company delivers exceptional, unprecedented, proven solutions for military, HLS, and civilian applications. It provides full-featured solutions for any in-field requirements, enabling vertical take-off and landing, steady hovering, and leading mission sensor suites for day and night.

Military vtol drones

The company design and manufacture the Black Eagle family, which comprises: the Black Eagle 50, Black Eagle 25E and 50E, the Black Eagle H, and the Golden Eagle unmanned helicopters.

Military Unmanned Helicopters

Our military unmanned helicopters are based on a proprietary flight control system and designed for rapid operation even by inexperienced pilots.

Tactical Rotary DroneDedicated to the highest quality standards in development and manufacture our tactical VTOL platforms are:

  • Constructed to meet rigorous military requirements
  • ISO-9001/2015 certified
  • IP67-certified for reliable operation in harsh maritime conditions

Steadicopter offer extensive training alongside off-the shelf platforms and custom manned-unmanned conversion kits and services.

Maritime & Naval Drones

All variants of the Black Eagle rotary drone feature superior flight performance and low logistical footprints. Suited to a broad spectrum of naval and maritime missions these rotary UAS deliver a comprehensive solution to; defense, security, anti-piracy, offshore logistics and border protection.

Maritime droneFeatures include:

  • Long distance visibility of land and maritime borders
  • Endurance capability in harsh environments
  • Day and night operation
  • Multi payload capacity for imaging and surveillance payloads and sensors
  • Ability to take off from and land in almost any terrain

Applications for Military Unmanned Helicopters

Military drone helicopter

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
Real-time ISR and situational awareness to support critical maritime operations

Battlefield Support
Removes the requirement for human operators to enter potentially hazardous regions

Search and Rescue
Cover vast areas on land or at sea quickly. Specialized payloads, using efficient search patterns provide real-time visibility

Border Patrol
Long range surveillance of borders and checkpoints, with long endurance capability and imaging payloads for day and night-time operation

Helicopter Conversion Kits: Manned-to-Unmanned

manned-unmanned helicopter conversion kitSteadicopter’s manned-unmanned helicopter conversion kit contains unique stabilization and control technology capable of converting a manned helicopter of any size into a remotely operated rotary aircraft.

Teamed with our qualified team of engineers, Steadicopter can undertake the conversion process from start-to-finish, including test flights, acceptance tests and ongoing support.

Conversion from manned to unmanned facilitates additional space and weight savings due to the removal of instruments and the requirement for a pilot. This can then be used for heavier payloads or extra fuel tanks.

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