Rugged UAVs & Advanced EFI Drone Propulsion Solutions for Military & Defense Applications

Rugged UAVs & Advanced EFI Drone Propulsion Solutions for Military Applications

Defense Advancement showcases Innoflight's rugged unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and advanced electronic fuel injection (EFI) drone propulsion solutions for military and defense applications By Joseph Macey / 19 Feb 2024
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Innoflight Technology is a leading developer of rugged UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms and advanced EFI (electronic fuel injection) drone propulsion solutions. 

We’ve just launched the company’s Defense Advancement supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with Innoflight.

The profile showcases the company’s range of UAV propulsion systems and UAS platforms which are designed to be U.S. National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-compliant.

Read on to find out about a selection of Innoflight’s solutions: 

Innoflight’s iHE7 is a hybrid-electric generator system with a twin-cylinder 2-stroke EFI engine. It equips military UAV platforms with the extended ranges and flight times required for advanced missions such as ISR, logistics and communications relay. Learn more >

The DA EFI 215 is a highly proven engine, used for both commercial UAVs and military defense aircraft. The DA215 is manufactured using the latest in CNC manufacturing technology, paired with the INF EFI the DA215 UAV has incredible fuel consumption, increased performance and reliability as well as full engine data telemetry to the flight control system. The INF DA215 UAV can be integrated with either a 24v Alternator or a 48v alternator to provide flight system power to the unmanned aircraft avionics. Learn more >

The company’s modular octocopter ScanLift Orbit provides the endurance and range required for extended surveillance missions, with a payload capacity of up to 7kg (15.4lbs). The ScanLift Orbit is Remote ID-equipped and BVLOS-ready, and can be equipped with a range of options including ADS-B, RTK GNSS, and a parachute system. Learn more >

The world’s first single-rotor-UAV to use a direct drive electric tail system, the Galaxy is a highly stable platform that can withstand challenging wind conditions and is ideal for both surveillance and cargo delivery applications with a payload capacity of 8 kg (17.6 lbs). The system is BVLOS-ready and can be assembled and disassembled within minutes, requiring only a single tool. Learn more >

ScanLift Mini is a portable and foldable quadcopter ideal for situations where rapid deployment is of the utmost importance. With an endurance of up to 30 minutes and a top speed of 12 m/s, the rugged drone platform can be equipped with a range of surveillance and data capture payloads including RGB and thermal imaging cameras, gimbals, and LiDAR scanners. Learn more >

To find out more about Innoflight’s UAV platforms and EFI drone propulsion solutions, please visit the company’s profile page:

To learn more, contact Innoflight Technology: Visit Website Send Message View Supplier Profile
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