Portable Telemedicine Systems & Telehealth Devices for Defense, Public Safety, and Disaster Management

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Portable Telemedicine Systems & Telehealth Devices for Defense, Public Safety, and Disaster Management
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LifeBot is a developer of advanced portable telemedicine systems and telehealth devices for defense, public safety, and disaster management applications.

Our portable and rapidly deployable telemedicine solution allows comprehensive medical management and secure data transfer from almost anywhere in the world, connecting healthcare professionals with medics and patients in the field.

Military Telemedicine technology

LifeBot owns the exclusive world-wide rights to the technology developed under DREAMS (Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services), a $36 million research project funded by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (UCMC) and the Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC).

LifeBot 5 Portable Telemedicine System

Rugged lifesaving telemedicine system for military applications

LifeBot 5 is a sophisticated mobile telemedicine system with a unique rugged exoskeleton design. Almost indestructible, the system was certified and field-tested during the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and has also been selected by General Dynamics for incorporation into its new Light Armored Vehicle Ambulances (LAV-A).

Military Rugged Telemedicine System

Using the LifeBot Clinical Workstation or portable tablet, the remote doctor or medical specialist can review and interact in real time with all captured patient data. They can even select different screens independently of the EMT in the field, allowing more effective and efficient collaborative decision making for better patient outcomes.

Real-time critical health data transmission

Going beyond simple video teleconferencing, LifeBot 5 provides the ability to acquire and securely transmit a wide range of critical health data in real time, delivering ICU-grade remote patient monitoring during battlefield operations even in the most remote of locations. This data includes:

  • Multi-lead ECG
  • SPO2
  • Non-invasive & invasive blood pressure
  • ETCO2 (with capnogram)
  • Up to 5 examination camera feeds
  • Embedded ultrasound
  • GPS data

External devices such as portable defibrillators can be linked to the LifeBot Telemedicine device via USB or Bluetooth, with all generated data being safely and securely captured.

telehealth monitoring for military applications

LifeBot 5 offers a redundant communications system that aggregates and intelligently manages audio, video, and data, and minimizes the risk of complete communications loss by utilising cellular (3G/4G/LTE) WiMAX radio, Wi-Fi and satellite phone. In the rare event of complete disruption, all patient information continues to be captured and stored, ready to be transmitted immediately once comms are restored.

Robust construction for challenging military telemedicine

The LifeBot 5 Telemedicine system features a rugged construction with aluminium alloy space-frame, with rigid protective soft pouches for enhanced durability and weatherproofing. All major components are CE certified and FCC Part 15 compliant, allowing the system to be used in aviation environments and during flight operations.

The system’s 12.1-inch display provides the best possible tradeoff between portability and comfortable viewing of patient records and high-resolution video and imagery.

LifeBot 5 has been designed with modularity and serviceability in mind. Components can be easily upgraded as mobile and healthcare technologies advance, and are also highly convenient to service or replace, keeping downtime to a minimum.

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