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RF-Cyber Counter-Drone Technologies for Military, Special Forces & Government Applications

D-Fend Solutions
RF-Cyber Counter-Drone Technologies for Military, Special Forces & Government Applications
13 Zarchin Street, Building C, Floor 3, Ra’anana, 4366241 Israel Regional offices

D-Fend Solutions specializes in the development of RF-Cyber based counter-drone technologies tailored for government agencies, militaries, and special forces. Our solutions are engineered to detect and neutralize drone threats effectively and safely, ensuring the operator retains full control throughout.

Setting a new standard in counter-drone capabilities, our products offer substantial benefits over conventional measures. They have earned the confidence of numerous government agencies in the US and worldwide, including the military, federal law enforcement agencies, and departments responsible for homeland security.

RF-Cyber Counter-UAS Solutions


Anti-drone technology featuring state-of-the-art RF cyber takeover capabilities

RF-based drone detection and mitigation

Our flagship product, EnforceAir, harnesses advanced RF-Cyber technology to detect and mitigate drone threats effectively and safely. Whether in asymmetrical warfare, intelligence operations, or civilian security, EnforceAir offers a comprehensive solution. It accurately classifies drones, locates their origin, and distinguishes between authorized and unauthorized drones, all without line-of-sight requirements or false alarms.

EnforceAir seamlessly transitions into mitigation mode, offering options to either “Fend-Off” the drone or assume control for a safe landing. This passive, non-kinetic approach ensures minimal disruption while enabling the retrieval of crucial intelligence from captured UAS.

EnforceAir2: Tactical Flexibility

EnforceAir2 represents the next evolution of our technology, providing enhanced power and performance in a compact design. Designed for tactical teams, EnforceAir2 offers seamless transitions between vehicular, fixed-site, and man-portable setups. Its real-time processing, expansive detection range, and low-SWaP profile ensure superior defense and command in any drone threat scenario.

Military counter drone solution

MSC2: Integrated Command & Control

MSC2 serves as the centralized command and control platform for EnforceAir systems, enabling networked oversight of multiple sensors. With intelligent sensor selection and autonomous auto-mitigation, MSC2 provides comprehensive situational awareness and swift response to drone threats in border protection, military installations, and battlefield environments.

Multi-sensor command & control system

Further details: MSC2 Multi-sensor command & control platform

Flexible Counter-UAS Deployment Options

Deployment Kits: Tailored Solutions

Our deployment kits offer tailored solutions for various scenarios and environments. From military vehicles to covert operations, and tripod-mounted systems to backpack setups, our kits provide comprehensive detection and mitigation capabilities with rapid setup and seamless transitions between deployments.

Counter-drone kit for Military VehicleMilitary Vehicle
MIL-STD-810H, MIL-STD-461 and IP66 compliant solution for comprehensive on-the-move protection, with optional autonomy that allows operators to focus on the mission.

Counter-drone kit for Covert VehicleCovert Vehicle
Easy mounting and transferring between a range of different road vehicles, providing a covert capability for security teams that delivers a moving bubble of counter-UAS protection.

Military Tactical Counter-drone kitTactical
Tripod mounted with long-range 360-degree coverage for ground forces, protecting against drones flying at low or high altitudes.

Military Backpack Counter-drone kitBackpack
Man-portable, ultra-mobile protection with covert concealed antennas, ideal for stealth operations in challenging terrain.

Military Stationary Counter-drone kitStationary
Easy pole-mounting and designed with extreme wind and weather protection, designed for 24/7  long-term operations.

Long-Range Directional Counter-drone kitLong-Range Directional
Designed for long-distance coverage of extensive borders and wide areas, with pole-mounted ultra-wideband antenna unit.

EnforceAir2 Deployment Bundles: Multi-Mission Capabilities

Military Counter-UAS Deployment BundleOur EnforceAir2 deployment bundles enable tactical teams to adapt quickly to evolving challenges.

With options for tactical, vehicular, man-portable, and pole-mounted configurations, EnforceAir2 ensures operational readiness and flexibility for stationary and on-the-move counter-drone missions.

Further details: EnforceAir Multi-Mission Bundle

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