RF-Cyber Counter-Drone Technologies for Military, Special Forces & Government Applications
EnforceAir Anti-drone technology featuring state-of-the-art RF cyber takeover capabilities

Anti-drone technology featuring state-of-the-art RF cyber takeover capabilities

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EnforceAir is a global leader in counter-drone solutions, harnessing revolutionary radio-frequency (RF) cyber takeover technology.

Employing non-jamming, non-kinetic technology, that operates without line-of-sight constraints, EnforceAir minimizes disruptions while discerning between authorized and unauthorized drones. This methodology upholds communication integrity and operational continuity.

Capable of autonomous and manual control operation, the system swiftly identifies, locates, and precisely distinguishes rogue drones within safeguarded airspace. By assuming control of the drone and guiding it to a secure landing within a predetermined area the system adeptly neutralizes drone threats.

Alert zones can be configured along the outer perimeter of a battlefield or military base, with multiple protection zones encompassing surrounding areas.

EnforceAir is effortlessly managed via an intuitive application on a ruggedized multi-touch tablet, enabling users to visualize and define mission parameters, identify safe pathways, classify drones, and promptly counter drone threats with a single tap.

Renowned for seamless operational versatility, EnforceAir effectively combats drone threats across diverse sectors, environments, and scenarios. Boasting comprehensive detection and mitigation functionalities, EnforceAir ensures unmatched situational awareness, operational resilience, and secure outcomes.