Military Vehicle Seats

Military Vehicle Seats Overview

The choice of seats in military vehicles is very important for safety reasons as well as for comfort. 

Shock & Blast Protection  

Military vehicle seats must be designed and manufactured to the highest standards of safety, including shock and blast protection to isolate the seated crew member from the vehicle’s capsule and subsequently reduce the possibility of injury.

Wheeled and tracked vehicle seat types include:

  • Driver
  • Commander
  • Crew
  • Gunner
  • Turret

These seats can be floor, suspended or side-mounted. Turret seats can even be as simple as a sling seat. 

New seat designs can be swapped in and out depending on what the vehicle is being used for and can even be retrofitted into legacy vehicles if required.

Marine & Aircraft Seating 

Marine vehicle seats are similar to wheeled and tracked ones, however aircraft seats range from military folding seats for troops in transport aircraft to FAA-certified lightweight crew and passenger seats. There are also testing, training, and ejector seats.

Seating can be provided off-the-shelf or can be modified to offer maximum fit and function, including the introduction of additional modules such as:

  • Adjustable footrests 
  • Document or hydration holders
  • Lateral side supports
  • Multi-point harnesses
  • Side impact head guards

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