Weapons Simulation Technology for US Air Force

SAIC will continue work developing simulation technology to help the U.S. Air Force assess high-end, next-generation weapon system concepts By DA Staff / 17 Dec 2021
SAIC Weapons Simulation Technology
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Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) has been awarded a $99 million contract by the U.S. Air Force to help the Air Force Research Laboratory develop multi-spectral and multi-modal phenomenology modeling capabilities, advance the state-of-the-art of software/hardware-in-the-loop test technology, and perform a critical role in the research, development and transition of Air Force munitions. 

The Weapon Engagement Simulation Technology for Advanced Research (WESTAR) program, within the Air Force Research Laboratory, will continue developing modeling capabilities to assist in the research, development and transition of Air Force weapon systems. Use of simulation at all levels of munition development will serve as a key component of this research.

“SAIC has partnered with the Air Force Research Laboratory since 2000 to support next-generation weapon system development, and we are pleased that our past success positioned us as a valuable partner for the WESTAR program,” said Michael LaRouche, president of SAIC’s National Security and Space Sector. 

“Our domain experience and innovative approach is helping the U.S. Air Force develop technology for test and evaluation of complex weapon systems that will deter and defeat future threats.”

The contract calls on SAIC to provide a cohesive research strategy to conduct basic, applied and advanced technology demonstration that furthers the Air Force science and technology strategy known as AF Vision 2030.

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