Virtualized Submarine Combat Control System created and fielded by US Navy

The low-cost, advanced AN/BYG-1 submarine CCS Virtual Twin (vTwin), was installed on a Block III Virginia-class submarine and underwent live-fire demonstration and deployment of a new machine learning application By Joseph Macey / 12 Jan 2021
Block III_ VIRGINIA-class_ submarine
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Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport, has created and fielded a virtualized AN/BYG-1 submarine combat control system (CCS) that provides equivalent CCS functionality in one-fourth the hardware footprint of the organic CCS.  

Under the direction of the Program Executive Office, Submarines’ (PEO SUB) Submarine Combat and Weapons Control Program Office (PMS 425), significant milestones have been achieved with its first live-fire demonstration and deployment of a new machine learning application.

The AN/BYG-1 Virtual Twin (vTwin) is a low-cost, early enabler in the architecture thrust of this endeavor that supports cyber resilience and the ability to accelerate development and delivery of new capability to the warfighter. 

The vTwin was installed successfully in June on a Hawaii-based Block III Virginia-class submarine and taken to sea. On 23 September, the vTwin was utilized in the successful presetting and launch of two exercise torpedoes, setting the stage for another follow-on, live-fire of another payload at the end of September.  

The vTwin also successfully uploaded and executed a machine learning/artificial intelligence application, demonstrating the ability to rapidly deploy a new capability, reflecting the enterprise goal of Compile to Combat in 24 Hours (C2C24).

The AN/BYG-1 vTwin further advances the notion of hardware independence by transforming the entire combat system using state-of-the-practice technologies and processing techniques. It also utilizes lessons learned from the at-sea demonstrations that will inform the larger submarine combat system digital transformation.

“While the team still has a lot of work to do, the successes are the culmination of an outstanding collaboration among multiple programs, fleet, industry and warfare center teams,” said Rear Adm. David Goggins, Program Executive Officer for PEO SUB. “This is a prime example of the TEAM SUB ability to deliver critical capability on a short timeline from concept to execution”

The U.S. Navy’s Submarine Force has traditionally paced the enterprise in the rapid development and fielding of capabilities to the warfighter. It has done this through the Technology Insertion/Advanced Processor Build (TI/APB) Rapid Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Insertion (RCI) process for both modernization and new construction. 

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