USAF Selects Anduril’s Ghost UAS to Enhance Autonomy Capabilities

The United States Air Force (USAF) has chosen Anduril Industries Ghost and Ghost-X for two contracts to support work on enhanced autonomy capabilities By Joseph Macey / 02 Oct 2023
Anduril Ghost and Ghost-X USAF autonomy
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The United States Air Force (USAF) has chosen Anduril Industries autonomous aerial systems Ghost and Ghost-X to enhance its autonomy capabilities.

The defense technology company has been awarded two contracts from the USAF worth $8 million.

Ghost is an autonomous uncrewed aircraft system well-suited for reconnaissance, security, and force protection. With Ghost, Anduril will support the AFWERX mission to transform technology to meet rapidly evolving threats around the world. Through these efforts, Airmen will be able to modify and integrate government software with Ghost’s open architecture autonomy stack. This enables rapid iteration to align with commander’s intent and shifting battlefield dynamics.

Ghost leverages Anduril’s Lattice software platform to automate mission planning, airspace management, and flight operations to reduce the cognitive load and training burden for operators. The Ghost platform adapts to user needs with a flexible design that allows operators to integrate sensors, communications, navigation, and other modular mission payloads across generic interfaces.

This announcement comes after Anduril unveiled the newest modular Ghost variant, Ghost-X, which incorporates operational feedback from over 1,000 Ghost flight hours with a wide range of customers and across diverse environments, including multiple combat theaters. Ghost-X features enhanced flight performance, modular multi-payload carriage, and greater resilience in challenging operational environments. Ghost-X is the next step in the platform’s evolution to deliver autonomy for every mission.

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