US Army Orders Titan Counter-UAS Kits 

BlueHalo’s Titan Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) kits will provide fixed-site and mobile force protection to defeat enemy drones on the battlefield abroad and at secure locations in the United States By DA Staff / 12 May 2022
BlueHalo Awarded U.S. Army Contract for Titan C-UAS
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BlueHalo has received a $4 million order for Titan Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) kits from the US Department of Defense in support of an elite unit within the conventional US Army.

The kits will be used to defeat enemy drones on the battlefield abroad and at secure locations in the United States, providing fixed-site and mobile force protection. 

Titan is a portable, rapidly deployable system that creates a secure perimeter anywhere, providing automated identification and mitigation of threats for all major commercial and hobbyist control protocols and frequency bands. 

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), Titan can detect and respond using adaptive, escalating countermeasures that minimize collateral impact to nearby communications. This AI foundation enables Titan to match or outpace the evolving threats, thereby providing an ideal capability for layered C-UAS defenses. 

The system can be mission-capable in under two minutes, requires no signals expertise or extensive training, and represents low operator cognitive load. Additionally, Titan’s detection and escalating defeat technology is inherently capable of effectively managing multi-drone or swarm scenarios.

The decision to invest in Titan systems was made after Titan out-performed competing technologies at Government evaluations based on both efficacy and ease of use by warfighters.

“It is incredibly exciting to see our Titan C-UAS solution meet and exceed the Army’s expectations in the key performance parameters of efficacy and ease of use,” said James Batt, BlueHalo’s Chief Growth Officer (CGO). “We look forward to seeing these systems utilized on the battlefield to defeat enemy drones and provide a layer of protection to the Army warfighter and our nation in the very near-term.”

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