Turning Target Systems Launched for Weapons Training

Designed for random and concealed placements throughout a shooting range, InVeris Training Solutions’ QuikTurn 360 and QuikTurn 90 systems can be configured to enhance live-fire training By DA Staff / 18 Jan 2022
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InVeris QuikTurn 360 and 90

InVeris Training Solutions has released two new live-fire training systems for military and law enforcement agencies.

The QuikTurn 360 and the QuikTurn 90 turning target systems can be controlled in unison/collectively or individually controlled and feature a 90° expose/conceal time in less than 0.5 seconds. With 360° target presentations, advanced target identification threat/non-threat target engagements, firearms instructors can conduct qualifications and advanced training scenarios to be authored, stored and accessed any time using the InVeris RangeMaster 9K/10K software and wireless tablet.

“With the release of the QuikTurn 360 and 90, InVeris adds to the robust range equipment product line that has made us an industry leader for 95+ years,” said Jon Read, director of live fire systems. “Designed for random and concealed placements throughout an indoor or outdoor shooting range, the QuikTurn 360 and QuikTurn 90 can be configured to fully enhance the live-fire training experience.”

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