Subsea Craft Welcomes Penny Mordaunt MP to Showcase Next-Gen Maritime Technology

Advanced maritime technology provider Subsea Craft has hosted Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North, Penny Mordaunt MP who toured the facilities and discussed the company's next-gen diver and payload delivery platform VICTA By Sarah Simpson / 09 May 2024
Subsea Craft Welcomes Penny Mordaunt MP to Showcase Next-Gen Maritime Technology
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Subsea Craft (SSC), a prominent British provider of advanced maritime technology located at The Camber Portsmouth, welcomed Penny Mordaunt, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth North, on April 26th, 2024.

SubSea Craft’s flagship product VICTA is recognised as the next-generation multi domain diver and payload delivery platform with the capability of high-speed surface transit followed by seamless transition to subsurface mode for covert deployment of operators and/or equipment.

The concept, developed through extensive research with input from operators, military strategists, and supporting force elements worldwide, integrates local British engineering expertise, innovative design, and development. Utilising advanced maritime technology and integration techniques, the SSC team has engineered a craft capable of swift and effortless transitioning between surface and sub-surface domains while maintaining exceptional performance in both environments.

SubSea Craft, situated at the Camber in Portsmouth, continues to capture Penny Mordaunt’s interest with its innovative maritime solutions addressing unique challenges faced by international militaries.

With her background including upbringing in Portsmouth, a commission in the Royal Naval Reserve, and serving as the first female Secretary of State for Defence, Penny Mordaunt MP possesses a profound appreciation for maintaining robust military capabilities and the significance of a well-equipped Navy in national defence.

Camilla Martin, CEO of SubSea Craft said: “We were delighted to host Penny today. It was hugely rewarding that she not only fully understood the concept and more technical details of our projects, but also recognised the strategic advantage that a capability such as VICTA can provide a nation.”

During her visit, Penny Mordaunt toured the facilities, engaging in detailed discussions with CEO Camilla Martin, as well as designers and senior engineers. These discussions provided valuable insights into the craft’s capabilities. It was evident that the team extensively utilizes advanced skills in project delivery, highlighting the value of these skills both presently and in the future, as they are transferrable to other high-technology fields such as autonomous capabilities.

Penny Mordaunt MP for Portsmouth North said: “This is the type of defence innovation that militaries need to give their men and women the best tools possible. It has been great to see how far SubSea Craft have come over the last couple of years and to learn more about their planned partnerships. It is an exciting time for them and our city.”

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