Senop Receives Order from Finland for Night Vision & Target Acquisition Devices

The order involves the purchase of Senop EVA 40 night vision goggles, Lilly target acquisition device, Luke Soldier's and Luke Tactical laser sights, and a lifecycle upgrade of the Lisa target acquisition devices By Joseph Macey / 10 May 2023
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The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command has placed significant orders with Senop Oy for the purchase of night vision goggles (NVGs), target acquisition devices, and laser sights.

The order includes the Senop EVA 40 NVG, Lilly target acquisition sensor, alongside the Luke Soldier’s and Luke Tactical laser sights.

The total value of the procurements is around EUR 30 million, and includes a lifecycle upgrade of the Lisa target acquisition devices. The order is also expected to have a significant employment impact in Finland.

Senop will deliver the equipment and lifecycle upgrades to the Finnish Defence Forces between 2023 and 2025.

The night vision equipment was developed in collaboration with the Finnish Defence Forces, and R&D paid particular attention to the performance, ergonomics, durability and lightweight of the devices. It also included demanding field tests in challenging conditions in order to verify the equipment’s suitability for battlefield conditions.

A small, lightweight device, the Senop EVA 40 Night Vision Goggle employs the latest aspherical and composite technology. The Senop LUKE Soldier’s Laser Sight is durable, simple, and lightweight. The Senop LUKE Tactical Laser Sight is a very versatile device that includes a visible laser, an IR laser and an IR illuminator. The Senop LILLY is a lightweight observation and target acquisition sensor. The device has a daytime channel, a thermal camera, an image fusion function, a digital magnetic compass, a positioning system (NAVSTAR GPS C/A code (GPS), GLONASS, Galileo, SAASM) and an ER laser rangefinder.

The lifecycle upgrade of the Senop LISA includes software updates and the replacement of the laser rangefinders and thermal camera modules in the target acquisition devices. This upgrade is expected to substantially increase the devices performance level.

“We’re extremely proud to support the comprehensive development of the Finnish Defence Forces’ night combat with these new devices and capabilities,” said Senop’s Managing Director, Aki Korhonen. “Cooperation with end users during testing and product development has made it possible to perfect the performance and ergonomics of the equipment. The Senop LISA’s lifecycle upgrade also demonstrates our ability to keep the performance of our equipment in line with the operating environment and guarantee long lifespans for our systems,” he added.

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