Rugged Military-Grade Antennas Released

The new military-grade devices include ruggedized GPS, manpack omni, vehicle omni antennas, and are essential to vehicle navigation, personnel communications, and vehicle communications By Joseph Macey / 27 Mar 2024
New Military-Grade Antennas with Super Rugged Design Released
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Pasternack has launched its latest product line, military-grade antennas, with new models including ruggedized GPS, manpack omni, and vehicle omni antennas.

According to the company, the antennas set a new standard for ruggedness, reliability and performance in the field.

Designed to address the unique challenges encountered in military operations, they are essential to vehicle navigation, personnel communications, vehicle communications and electronic warfare scenarios, including jamming capabilities.

Pasternack’s RF antennas boast exceptional wideband coverage, high gain, and high-power capabilities, ensuring reliable performance across diverse operating conditions. They comply with MIL-STD-810 and TAA regulations, which guarantees durability and reliability.

Built for durability, they feature heavy-duty construction and a super rugged design, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, vibration, shock and environmental hazards. 

Additionally, their robust mounting options adhere to NATO and U.S. standards, ensuring secure and stable installations in various military platforms and applications.

“With their ruggedness, reliability and exceptional performance, these antennas demonstrate Pasternack’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for our military customers,” said Product Line Manager, Kevin Hietpas.

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