Romania Adds NSM to its Anti-Ship Arsenal

Raytheon and Kongsberg’s Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense Systems (NSM CDS) long-range anti-ship cruise missile can climb and descend according to the terrain and engage targets at distances greater than 100 nautical miles By DA Staff / 25 May 2021
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Romania has signed an agreement with Raytheon Missiles & Defense in partnership with Kongsberg to acquire Naval Strike Missile Coastal Defense Systems (NSM CDS) long-range anti-ship cruise missiles to increase the country’s defenses against high-end maritime targets.

The CDS will include mobile launch vehicles; a platform for command, control and communications; transport and loading/unloading platforms; sensors; initial logistics support and maintenance; testing equipment and training on operations and upkeep.

“Romania is taking another leap forward in its military modernization journey,” said Kim Ernzen, Vice President of Naval Power at Raytheon Missiles & Defense. “Romania will now join the U.S. Navy and two other NATO allies in operating the latest generation anti-ship cruise missile available today.”

The NSM engages targets at distances greater than 100 nautical miles and can climb and descend according to the terrain whilst observing ‘no fly,’ ‘no attack’ zones. It has a programmable fuze that activates the missile only when it is very close to the selected target, with its target recognition technology reducing risk of collateral damage.

“Romania is getting fifth generation defensive technology with NSM – a fully developed, fully fielded anti-ship cruise missile system,” said Mike Ellison, Requirements & Capabilities lead for Raytheon Missiles & Defense. “Because of its design and low-cruising capabilities, NSM can evade detection and tracking in any environment. It’s very advanced, highly capable, highly maneuverable and highly precise.”

NSM does not require a specific radar – just a sensor that provides the necessary targeting data.

The system has been tested extensively; Raytheon Missiles & Defense used digital transformation technology, such as computer modeling and simulations, in the design phase and then validated the system’s superiority in operations and field tests. 

NSM is designed to handle updates and Raytheon Missiles & Defense monitors the military equipment for potential improvements to remain ahead of evolving threats.

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