Option 2 of Army Rapid Prototyping Project Completed

The Army has concluded Option 2 of the Future Tactical UAS Rapid Prototyping Program, and awarded Griffon Aerospace and Textron Systems with the next options By Abi Wylie / 01 May 2024
Option 2 of Army Rapid Prototyping Project Completed
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The U.S. Army has concluded Option 2 of the Future Tactical Uncrewed Aircraft System (FTUAS) Rapid Prototyping Program, and has awarded Options 3 and 4 to Griffon Aerospace and Textron Systems.

The first two option periods included evaluations of system performance, the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), cost, schedule, program risk, and key Army priorities. 

Option 1 culminated in a Preliminary Design Review which assessed the weapon system designs presented by all vendors. Option 2 culminated with the Critical Design Review, establishing the prototype baseline.

During Option 3, the remaining vendors will participate in UAS flight demonstrations and MOSA third-party verification. Option 3 also includes a Soldier touch point and focuses on testing key systems characteristics including Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), reduced acoustic signature, and rapid emplacement. Option 3 concludes following successful flight demonstration and MOSA verification events.

During Option 4, the vendors deliver production representative prototypes for use in testing and operational demonstrations. Additionally, Option 4 includes environmental, electromagnetic and environmental effects, transportability and flight tests. Option 4 culminates with the Production Readiness Review.

FTUAS provides the Brigade with an organic capability to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance operations that collect, develop, and report actionable intelligence, allowing the Warfighter to maintain dominance during Multi-Domain Operations. 

In summary, FTUAS provides transformational capabilities including, VTOL for runway independence, On-The-Move command and control, Soldier led field level maintenance, and enables rapid capability insertions, further allowing the system to keep pace with technology.

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