Norway and Netherlands Partner on Artillery Location Radars

Norway’s acquisition of five Thales Ground Master 200 multi-mission compact radars (GM200 MM/C) will provide the Norwegian and Netherlands Armed Forces with a common radar platform for further collaboration over threat assessment By DA Staff / 03 Jun 2021
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Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) has signed an agreement with the Netherlands Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) for the acquisition of five Thales Ground Master 200 multi-mission compact radars (GM200 MM/C), which includes an option for three additional systems.

The Ground Master 200 enables situational awareness through 4D Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology, with fire support and weapon location capabilities.

The radars are able to detect smaller, faster, more agile targets at longer ranges, while retaining high tactical mobility and short deployment time in order to to protect high-value assets and troops on the modern battlefield. The radar automatically detects, tracks and classifies multiple UAVs, RAM (Rockets, Artillery, Mortar), missiles, aircraft, helicopters and is particularly suited to weapon locating, air surveillance and air defense. 

This first ever government-to-government contract between the countries will provide the Norwegian and Netherlands Armed Forces with a common radar platform for further collaboration in the areas of threat assessment.

Both governments will benefit from the latest in software defined radar technology, enabling future upgrades and capabilities expansion to manage future threats.

The GM200 MM/C offers radar operators with more time-on-target in order to gather as much information on incoming threats as possible. The unique ‘dual-axis multi-beam’ provides unrestricted flexibility in elevation and bearing, offering excellent theatre protection. 

In addition, the compact design of the GM200 MM/C provides high mobility, very short deployment times and ease of transportation on any platform.

“This is a very important milestone in the close military cooperation between Norway and the Netherlands,” said Rear Admiral Bjørge Aase, Deputy Director General in Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency.

“This agreement will provide the Norwegian Armed Forces with a new artillery location system with sufficient protection, mobility, range and accuracy to be able to be used in all types of operations both nationally and internationally.”

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