New Support Provider for Indian Air Force C-130J Airlifter Fleet

Lockheed Martin will provide sustainment support for the Indian Air Force C-130J-30 fleet, and support for the C-130J airframe, peculiar and common spare items, engines, propellers, software, publication services, and ground handling equipment By DA Staff / 26 Aug 2021
Lockheed Martin C-130J-30
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Lockheed Martin has been awarded a Direct Commercial Sale contract from the Indian Air Force (IAF) to provide dedicated and comprehensive support for its fleet of 12 C-130J-30 Super Hercules Aircraft. 

Under this $328.8 million Follow On Support II (FOS) contract, Lockheed Martin will provide a team to manage the logistics and engineering elements necessary to sustain the IAF’s C-130J fleet. 

The contract spans a five-year-period and is a continuation of a prior five-year FOS I contract where Lockheed Martin provided similar support for the IAF’s C-130J fleet.

“As the C-130 original equipment manufacturer, Lockheed Martin brings forth an outstanding team of experts who offer deep knowledge and unmatched insights of the C-130 to our operators,” said Rod McLean, vice president and general manager, Air Mobility & Maritime Missions, Lockheed Martin. 

“It is an honor to continue to partner with the Indian Air Force to support one of the most active C-130J fleets in the world. Through an integrated team and dedicated support, Lockheed Martin ensures the IAF’s C-130J fleet is available and ready for every mission.”

The FOS II contract includes Lockheed Martin’s sustainment efforts for the IAF’s entire Super Hercules fleet, as well as extended options including the company’s support for the C-130J airframe, Contractor Furnished Equipment (CFE), peculiar and common spareable items, engines, propellers, software, publication services, ground handling equipment, ground support equipment, and test equipment. 

Through the FOS II contract, five C-130J Hercules aircraft will undergo 12-year servicing at a Lockheed Martin-approved Heavy Maintenance Center beginning in 2022.  

The IAF’s C-130J Super Hercules have a highly integrated and sophisticated configuration designed to support India’s special operations requirements, including humanitarian aid, airlift, natural disaster support, and search and rescue operations. The aircraft are equipped with an air-to-air receiver refueling capability for extended range operations.  

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